“Could have been better” Chocolate Bars ~

After eating the yummy candy eggs last weekend, we thought to try our hand at making candy bars … The result? It could have been better …

Bought some meet break-apart molds from Amazon. Wash ’em, rinsed ’em, and filled ’em.


Pretty nice molds, there they are in their packaging ^^

I melted the rest of the “melts” (not actual white chocolate) I had left over from my last candy thing.
And poured ~

Then poured some more ~

I did his before work yesterday in hopes that they would be hard by the time I came home … That didn’t actually happen though …

Through no fault of the melts or the molds I made a mistake … I don’t own a double boiler and the microwave did a less than excellent job melting stuff last weekend so I thought I’d do it on the stove …

Had the fire on low, stirred a lot, but it seemed super dried out! Using the stove without a double boiler … That was mistake one … The second mistake was adding water!

I turned my melts into … Chewy stuff!!?? Like super chewy, like half melted candy corn chewy or gummy worm chewy (the vegetarian ones of course).

Ahh, alas, not very yummy 😦 So, when I got home from work yesterday and took them out of the fridge they looked alright …

But when I went to remove them from the mold they just bent with it!!

Popped them in the freezer and was able to get them out .. We each ate a section and I tossed the rest ino the trash …

That glossy look is them melting …
Melting, melting, oh what a world ~

So, that was a fun experience! I’m gonna get a double boiler now … Totally see the need for it! Hehe 🙂

Ah, I apologize to anyone who read down this far earlier!  I let this post go up before formatting the pictures. I usually write posts up on my phone, schedule them, and then log onto WordPress through my computer to rotate and scale the photos. It’s all fixed now though!


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