Penny and Lucy: Pictures from August ~

Penny and Lucy are pretty adorable! Of course I think so, they are my dogs. As such, I think they are the cutest. So, here are a few of the best pictures taken on our cell phones last month!

Behold ~

 Crate snuggles! Notice they aren’t locked in, they choose this. Or rather, Lucy chooses this for them!

Lucy begging me to let go of a new rope toy. Took a trip to Dollar Tree and picked up 4 new ropes for her to eat. Notice the destroyed toys near her and the little bits of fluff on the rug? Ya, Lucy is not kind to her toys!

Being good little girls at the vet! Penny needed her rabies shot and Lucy had a bladder infection 😦 She is all better now, she takes her medicine like a champ! They both got weighed while there. Penny is 70lbs, a bit lighter than last time she was weighed. And, Lucy was 40lbs, I’m wondering how much bigger she’ll get over the next year … full grown bassets are only 50lbs, right?

Walk time! This one was sent to me from my husband as he walked the dogs. Those tongues don’t fit in their mouths during the summer! (just ignore the thumb print there, it’s hard to take pics and walk two dogs at once!)

Will take lots more pictures this month!


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