Bread Making 3.0 ~ 

Labor Day weekend really wasn’t too hot, so I decided to make bread! So, around 9pm on Saturday night I set to work! I realize now that that was a little late to start when I was already sleepy but oh well!

I used this recipe that I pulled from Vienna Bread. By the way, where did that website come from? I’ve been pulling recipes from the Internet for forevers and just noticed a few months ago.

Not pictured is salt. Which I should have added more of. I also didn’t use the egg wash on the top but I should have! Will next time 🙂

What it looked like before rising for the first time

After the first resting time!

Then I did some kneeding and let it rise again … By this time it was 11:30 and I really wanted some Zzzzzzz …

So I put it in the fridge lol I can laugh because it really wasn’t disastrous and I feel like it could have been because I really don’t know how bread works??!! 😦

Sunday morning!

 I set out the bowl of dough for it to return to room temperature and then formed two loaves.  Seriously, I need to get two loaf pans that are the same size!

I let them rise a bit more in the pan before baking.


Then I followed the baking temp/time instructions except … I actually forgot to set a timer! Not really sure how long they cooked for 😦 I was playing WoW at the time 😦

Besides being exceptionally pale, they looked yummy 🙂

I took five pictures of bread here and none of them are centered? What was wrong with me? I apologize! Not only do I take all my pictures with my cell phone, meaning they could be better quality if I used a real camera, I also didn’t bother to center it!! 😦

Anyways! The bread was good. I’m gonna add loaf pans to my “to buy” list right next to a double boiler! 🙂


Edit: Woot, after I hit ‘post’, WordPress informed me that this was my 60th blog post, that is kinda awesome =) I hope it tells me when my 100th is, I’ll have a mini-dance party =)


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