Vege “meats” !! ~~

This is the best meat substitute that I’ve been using lately! Basically some TVP and Noh Chinese BBQ Flavoring! Pictures ensue below…

Since, I’ve been a vegetarian before I was old enough to cook, I’ve never actually cooked meat. But, I’d like to hope that this is how other people would use this favoring and I’m basically basing that on cooking TV shows I watch on Netflix

A quick note for any other vegetarians, the Westsoy brand absorbs flavors much better than the LiteLife brand!

I empty the contents of the flavoring into zip line bags and then add in the TVP.

The Westsoy brand has its own juices(?? sounds gross!!) so I don’t add additional water.

The LiteLife comes in a drier package and I need to cut the prices smaller to get better flavor coverage. This type needs water! ~ Like paper plates? Old houses don’t come standard with dishwashers and I don’t either =p

I do a makeshift version of a vacuumed seal package to let them marinate. Go, go, dollar store clothes-pins! They keep things ‘clothes’ together … get it? Clothes, close?? lol =)

I used these mostly as an accompanyment to rice or to soup. I want to call my soup ramen but really it’s just soup with Japanese noodles … Oh, what the heck, it’s ramen 🙂

Anyways, Here is a few pictures of the cooking process!  I don’t drain the liquid when I go to cook it, instead I cook the liquid and it turns into (what my husband calls) “candied” vege meats.

When it boils that is when the goodness starts happening! ~~

When it’s all done, the pan looks awful. But, the food looks (as I like to say) Yummy!  I have to soak the pan to get it clean. Thankfully the Noh mixture is mostly sugar and dissolves in water!

Dinner is served =)
I didn’t have much to add to the Ramen (har har) that day, just some bean sprouts in there under the noodles. We hides them so they cooks mores =p

Anyone see those orange bowls? They match my Adventure Land plates, I bought them specifically because they would match! I love those plates, next time I go I’m gonna get more of them (and then more bowls) so I can have a full set!
Hope they still have them at Disneyland! Now to enjoy the food while watching Rick and Morty, ah the good life! =)


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