Disneyland Jigsaw Puzzle ~

Picked this up when Hubby and I visited The Happiest Place on Earth last year on Christmas Eve. For the past nine months it has sat in my living room, in it’s box, periodically getting dusted, as I contemplated Lucy …

Lucy, likes to put her paws on things and she likes to eat things. She is a puppy still and these are both normal behaviors. But, neither makes a good puzzle building environment … In fact, together, they make a treacherous environment!!!


Day 1: Roughly 3 Hours of Work

Day 2: Roughly 6 Hours Total

Day 3: About 8 hours here

So, over Labor Day weekend the husband, myself, Penny and Lucy headed up to my parent’s vacation cabin for a night of fun away from home! I thought to myself “this is my chance”! I can take the puzzle and, without the distractions that come with being in your own home, can work on it! “Brilliant idea”! I congratulated myself whole heartedly!  (spell check says ‘heartedly’ isn’t a word, it’s probably right…)


Day 3: About 10 hours in now

So, I worked on the puzzle there … where I only witnessed one puppy attack! Lucy pounced her feet up onto the table. Notice the black felt cloth under the puzzle? Apparently it was easy to pull off the table and take the puzzle with it! I lunged for the cloth as Lucy innocently returned all four paws to the ground level … But, the damage was done! I spent time picking up pieces from the floor hoping to get them all … more on that later …


Day 3: Roughly 12 hours in                                                             A bit of down time here since I actually got caught up watching “National Treasure” while puzzling

Day 4: Lost count of the hours … last day though!

Working on it at home was a bit difficult and it is possible that if puzzle pieces weren’t already missing that some went missing in the transportation of the puzzle … at least I had my folding table set up in the living room near the air conditioning!  We don’t have room for “extra” tables that are large enough for a puzzle so folding table it is … by extra I mean not the kitchen table since we keep Lucy’s crate in the kitchen, feed the dogs in the kitchen and generally let them run around crazy in there if they feel like it…

Day 4: Done Done Done – Roughly 20 hours with an error margin of one hour either way …


Worst puzzle fear came true … one piece was missing! It is small and white and likely gone forever!  I’ve taken a few pictures of it and traced the shape … not sure how to proceed … Photoshop? Buy a new one? Put it in a box and forget about it? Cry? It is all still a toss up!


Detail level = high

I enjoyed putting this puzzle together and it is likely to be my only one this year. I did two last year and I think none(?) the year before … I wish it had come with a large picture because I really struggled with the Frontier Land/Adventure Land areas.

Looks like this puzzle can be purchased on Amazon. Not sure what I paid for it so I don’t know if this is a good or bad price .. I’m price neutral! Link

Did get some cute pictures of the puppies over Labor Day weekend, will add them to my “Best Pictures of September” post I have planned! ~


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