Candy Making ~~ New and Improved ~~

Bought a double boiler! Actually was out of town all last week for work and ordered the Double Boiler online so it’d be there when I got home.

I was deciding between a Nordic Ware brand one and a silicone collapsible one (no brand in particular). While I had decided I wanted one that collapsed, I simultaneously ordered the Nordic Ware one … It doesn’t collapse and it isn’t silicone … I’m not sure what neurons misfired while I shopped from my hotel room but they at least got a Double Boiler into the house so I’m mostly happy .. Now to find cupboard space to keep it!!

Maybe should have rotated this picture … Still can! … Not gonna …

Got out my molds and some candy melts and set to work Sunday morning.

Lofty goals …

I wanted the Peanut Butter chips to be somewhat separate from the white candy melts so I just laid them out in the mold. I had intended to make enough to fill both molds …

The first stir is the best stir !~

Half a bag of melts did not look like much in the massive Double Boiler … Also, I’ll be using a deeper, rather than wider, pan next time!

mostly melted… not all melted … just mostly …

This is about as melty as I could get it. The sides and bottom were drying out fast! I lowered the heat but I think it was too late … And I learned from last time not to add water!!

Prior to freezing ~~

Since the white candy wasn’t as melty as needed I kind of had to smear it around in the molds .. This means the peanut butter chips got a bit melty and, of course, moved around in the process.

Straight from the freezer out of the mold!

The end result, or frozen result, looked pretty cool! There are few pitted holes where the candy didn’t reach but that gave it character!

With the fringe cut off =)

The marbled look really is pretty! And, something I didn’t expect, the peanut butter chips made the candy bar creamy!

I should buy some prettier plates for these posts…

Two thirds of the bar has been eaten as I write this and the last chunk will not survive the day!

It took will power not to eat it all in one go …

I’ll be home this week so I’m hoping to have time to post .. It’s about time I start making my Christmas cards for this year … I’ve been making them by hand since I got married (we only send out 20 or so) and September is usually the best time to start so I don’t have to rush!


p.s. melty is not a word … but, it should be!


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