Book Reviews 7 through 11 ~~

Having time off from Grad classes is really awesome! Just this week more though and then it’s back to having class two nights a week after work. It doesn’t sound like much (and really attending class is easy) but the homework and reading and studying that goes along with the classes really eats into any free time I might have had! =)

Book Review #7 ~
     Kiss of Steal
Bec McMaster

Last year, I read the Parasol Protectorate Series and it was my first jump into the Steampunk Romance genre. Earlier this year, I read the Iron Seas Series and it was my second jump into the genre. This third book series seals the deal, I like the Steampunk romances that have become pretty popular!  When I first started reading paranormal romance novels … oh, I dunno … circa 2005(?) There was basically vampires, werewolves, and witches. Yep, that covers it. Now, I can easily find all three in a single novel and I must say that makes things more interesting!

The main character, as is my preference, is a pretty woman with a brain. She doesn’t always use her brain but it is there for her! Rather hilariously, she makes several bad choices but always makes the right one when it really counts!  I enjoyed reading not only about her escape from what hunts her but also helping her “true love” escape what hunts him as well!

I promptly finished this book and picked up book two in the series.

Book Review #8~
     Heart of Iron
Bec McMaster

This second novel in the series follows the hi-jinx and love of the little sister in the family. She may be younger but don’t underestimate her ability to act like it!  She really did toy around a bit to much and I would have preferred she be a bit more open about her feelings, intentions, goals, and such … But, quite enjoyable! =)

Book Review #9~
Sweet and Deadly
Charlaine Harris

I’m thinking at this point in time, Charlaine Harris is my favorite author. Every year I get to look forward to two or three books from here that I always tear right through a quickly as possible! Unlike many of her novels, Sweet and Deadly is not of the paranormal sort.

The characters are all regular and believable. Though the overall premise is a little silly (the culprit just seems to like killing rather than having a good-ish reason, in my opinion, to do so), I enjoyed watching the story grow and like that the main character was at a different place in her life emotionally when the story ended.

I definitely recommend all of Charlaine Harris’ books, both part and not part of a series!

Book Review #10~
Mean Streak
    Sandra Brown

This is an author I’ve seen on book shelves in stores for as long as I can remember. I don’t generally gravitate towards the serious genre but really enjoyed this romance mystery read. I initially purchased just a sample for my Nook, but as soon as I finished it I’d purchased the rest! I had to know what was going to happen!

Though there weren’t any major “oh my goodness” moments, there were some twists in the story. The main character was successful but miserable and apparently is well liked by most but utterly hated by the two people closest to her … I can’t believe she didn’t notice that in her daily life … I know I would!

Anyway, her life gets all mixed-up/upside down and she ends up on the wrong side of the law for the right reasons!  It’s cute, I do recommend it. Finished it in about 4 hours so not a particularly long read =)

Book Review #11~
     The Bourbon Kings
J.R. Ward

This author is another paranormal romance regular on my reading list. However, she has also published some pretty good romance novels under the moniker Jessica Bird. I have to say I’ve enjoyed those too!

This story wasn’t really a happy one and to my dismay seems to be book one of a series. There are quite a few characters to keep track of and the point of view changes quickly. I just finished reading it Sunday morning and wish I didn’t have to wait a year for the next one … talk about cliff hangers for every aspect of the story!

Though, like everything I read by J.R. Ward, I liked it and will read the next one when she publishes it (hopefully soon!).


Not sure what is next on my reading list. I’ve been wanting to read Gone Girl  but I feel like at this point the plot has been basically ruined! =(  I’ll post more soon, reading isn’t really a hobby I’m giving up …


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