Candy Mandy Dandy Sandy ~

Most things have at least one nick-name to me so I might as well give one to candy making πŸ™‚ This time it was heavy on the PB Chips and not so heavy on the White Melts πŸ™‚


Melty Melty …

The PB melts up so nicely!


Made a bit too much this time .. had to get out some cookie cutters

New thing I learned, the bottom of a double boiler is wet! It may seem obvious to basically everyone else but I didn’t notice until it was already dripping water into my melting PB 😦


Tried 3 times to rotate this picture, wordpress refuses *shrug*

So the double boiler did not make melting the white melts any easier 😦 I think I’ll try true white chocolate next time!


Like the tape on the top there? brand new roll of parchment, oh yeah…

Ah, I broke it! Forcefully, with a knife …

Not sure what to do with the heart and flower, but this gives me an idea on how to decorate cakes in the future πŸ™‚

The taste is there, need to work on presentation! Oh, and I got some more molds this week! Β They are much deeper than I thought they were going to be so they are going to need a lot of chocolate!


some molds were made at 1 factory and some molds were made at a different factory …

Almost October, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) cooler weather and more baking!~~


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