September penny and Lucy pictures!

We had some fun this past month so we have some super cute pictures to show for it! Mostly in chronological order …

No treats were involved in the making of this photo

“The sky is so big” – Penny

I bought them matching sweaters! They say “makers of mischief” so cute!! Perfect for our night at my parents’ cabin!

Went by grandma’so house so penny could look at the sky and so Lucy could look in the mirror (there were human reasons for being there too but those aren’t important!).

“I’m so pretty, I’m so pretty” – Lucy

Thanks to Lucy’s influence, penny lifts her front leg for belly rubs now 🙂 she looks confused though while she does it!

“This is the way to more pets?” – Penny

Cute picture of puppy buts that I was happy to receive while on my work trip!

Sniffing competitions! Everyday, all day long!

Ya know, I hated the chain link fence when we bought the house but I love it now! The dogs get to go into the front yard without me worrying, it doesn’t need painting, neighborhood kids can’t ruin it at all, and you can see right through it! There are a lot of advantages when you get past its bad looks!

It was the other shoe that had a narrow heel …

Ending this post with my brand new pair of Puma running shoes! Well, I was considering returning them because the heel area on the right shoe is too narrow but it looks like I’ll be keeping them thanks to Lucy!

Will have more pictures next month!


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