Halloween 2014~

With Halloween 2015 less than a month a away, here is a recap of the fun things I did last year! Again, this was pre-blog so basically I took all of these pictures just for me… good thing I guess!

The Pumpkins!~

IMG_3858 IMG_3855

I may have posted Penny and Lucy in their costumes before, but … well, I want to post them again anyway! ~ Penny’s morose look is very much so saying “I want to go for a walk not pose for pictures”. She doesn’t always agree with Halloween being a “no walk” day (too many people/kids/cars/crazy-ness). Maybe this year though … if we go early!

Dog costumes aren’t exactly cheap though so Penny is going to be the Chesire Cat again this year … Lucy will have to have a new one though … She is about 15lbs heavier than last year (6mos vs. 18mos).

IMG_3862 IMG_3866

Last year pictures of Meat Loaf turned gross hand were circling on the Internets and I wanted to do it too! This is the vegetarian version though, no animals harmed in the making of my Halloween “Meat” Loaf Hand! Ha Ha Ha Ha HA~   (Notice the skull toast? Pretty cute!)


Picked a picture from the internet and traced Tinkerbell’s shape onto the pumpkin with a knife

Also, hoping on the Pinterest train … I made a Tinkerbell Pumpkin!  It actually turned out really awesome and you could see her trail of light all the way from the side walk! I was very happy with this and hope that more people give this a try this year (the inspiration photo from last year is still circling around). I did use about 4 different sized drill bits for the holes and, as a caution to anyone, when you go to clean the pumpkin crap off of the drill bits, remember the drill bits are sharp!!


The pine cones were later eaten by Lucy …

The Husband and I carve pumpkins every Halloween and it is never a contest. We do it for fun! But, if it was a contest I totally won 2014 =p It wasn’t a contest though!

Apparently… I haven’t taken a picture of the front of my house on Halloween since 2012 … that is a long time!  I missed the last two years!  That is a shame!  I’ll make sure to get pictures this year!  Thankfully, since Halloween is on a Saturday and I have a normal Mon-Fri job, I’ll have plenty of time to decorate!


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