Cookies 3 ways ~~

It’s not hot this weekend! We even had rain this morning! Pretty nice change of pace! So, since it wasn’t hot, I made cookies! Been a while … Like 6 or 7 months lol ūüôā

Everything I need (minus the oven, the pans, the cooling racks)

I like to use the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. I think, next time, I’ll switch to a different recipe. I just can’t keep these cold enough so that they don’t spread out while cooking. Maybe I need to add more flour/sugar instead? We’ll see when I make Halloween cookies in two weeks.

Best snack ever =)

The best part of making cookies, and one of the main reasons I do, is because of this stage^^. The Sugar + Butter is the best! ¬†Tastes so yummy! ¬†It’s so bad for me though … because I ate this junk I only allowed myself 2 cookies, had to compensate =p

It has eggs now!

Here the dough is ready to go! ¬†All of the ingredients have been added except the extras – chocolate chips, white candy melts, and nuts ~~ And, since I’m doing three kinds-ish of cookies, here is where I separated the dough =)

Pouring is an imprecise science =p

I think the recipe calls for an insane amount of chocolate chips, I just poured some into the bowl till is seemed right =) ¬†This batch will be for my Dad since my husband and I aren’t too big on the chocolate chips. We’re going through a white chocolate phase right now …

And we mix mix mix mix …

I’m not very picky about making them into pretty little balls before baking, doesn’t seem to make too big of a difference any how!

Second Batch~~ ¬†This one is just white “chocolate” melts, though I will be including a few Oreo cookies!! ~

Wish they were shaped more like Hershy kisses =)

Wish they were shaped more like Hershey kisses =)

Batch Three~~ Each batch was cooked separately. Partly because I only have 2 full sized cookie sheets and partly because everything not near the top of my oven just burns … It doesn’t even cook just chars itself … If we ever re-do the kitchen, a new oven is for sure on the list!

Pictured below is white “chocolate” melts and Pecan pieces! =) Ate one of these with my breakfast this morning, definitely worth it! =)

Batch 3 all mixed up, the nuts are the little brown spots

Batch 3 all mixed up, the nuts are the little brown spots 

I mixed up batches 2 and 3 while batch 1 cooked. Then I just rotated the cookies from the oven to the cooling rack to the Halloween plate … over and over =)

I put the same amount of dough on the Oreos ... they get covered =)

I put the same amount of dough on the Oreos … they get covered up =)

Between batches I kept putting the cookie dough back into the fridge. A 350¬į oven does heat up my kitchen quite thoroughly!

Batch 3 before baking!

Batch 3 before baking!

I basically forgot about batch 3 in the oven … The first two batches are the chewy kind of cookies … The last batch is the crunchy kind of cookie! ¬†Thankfully I like both types!

Dollar Store plates are the best and they have them for every season!

Dollar Store plates are the best and they have them for every season!

Gonna take a picture here so they look pretty together, then put them in Zip-lock bags and off into the fridge they go! ¬†Even though it isn’t hot out, I don’t want cookies on the counter. If Penny or Lucy ate them, it wouldn’t be good!

Cookies 3 ways!

Cookies 3 ways!

With the weather being raining today, maybe I’ll bake some more! As long as I can think of someone who wants to eat it all for me … =)


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