Book Review 12 ~

Was able to get one more book thoroughly read before my Graduate classes started back up last week.  So, here it is! ~~

Wicked Charms
By: Janet Evanovich

I’m am seriously a huge fan of everything Janet Evanovich writes that isn’t The Stephanie Plum Series. That main character bugs me so much! “I love this guy but I really love this guy”, “I’m gonna marry this guy but when things go bad I’m gonna go spend the night with this guy” … ugh, so wishy-washy!! ~~

Anyway, the main character in the Lizzy and Diesel Series is nothing like Stephanie Plum. Yay!  Lizzy, is gainfully employed, has magical powers, and knows for sure whom she likes (though there is little she can do about it). Diesel is decisive, protective, and naturally always saves the day! Lizzy helps though!  Their rag-tag group of accomplices are less helpful than funny but are a perky addition to the book!

I’ve read the first two books in this series already, of course, and I look forward to more. Hopefully, next year? =)  One thing I love about working authors is that you can count on new books every year … sometimes, more than once a year (even better)!!

Conclusion: Read it! =) lol super helpful I know … I don’t want to discuss the plot in anyway though!! =)

Next up on my reading list is Career of Evil: A Cormoran Strike novel. Written, of course, by J.K. Rowling as Robert Galbraith. Coming out this month! It’s gonna be great!!! ~~

Of course, of course, a horse, a horse =p


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