Pumpkin-esque Sugar Cookies ~

I try not to go more than 2 days without a post. #1 because and I enjoy it and #2 because I feel a sense of obligation to my blog. It may not be much but it is all mine! Beyond that though, life comes first and this past week I haven’t had much time to write up my posts! It has been a week now though =(

Without further ado or excuse, This post is about some cute cookies I made! I first saw them on Pinterest last week and thought “I can do that!” … though I never had before … So, I traced down the pin to the Sweet Sugar Belle blog. Here is a link to the post!!

Mixing the sugar cookie dough was the easy part! Rolling the dough out into cute little pie shapes? Not so much …


It even looks too sticky in the picture …

The recipe I used for the dough said I could add more flour but I didn’t really listen … Turned out I really did need more flour =) I don’t remember what cookie recipe I used, sorry!!


This lot was not successful …

The first attempt at cutting the dough ended badly. I switched to a Pyrex bowl for the next attempt. Attempt #1 ended up mixed back into the batch.


Baking is quite messy …

Got a much nicer size and got out the Pizza Cutter the get those corners nice and crisp!


After baking!

Once I had the process down, it all went fairly quickly! Roll out the dough, cut the dough, curse softly as I remove the dough from the cutting board and place onto the parchment, then bake! I really need more cookie sheets … =)


Time to frost!

As an aside, I e-mailed Wilton about their products asking which are vegan/vegetarian friendly. I mainly did this because I recently made a cake and wanted to use normal food dye and not the all-natural expensive stuff I have to drive 40+ minutes to my nearest Whole Foods to buy and then it completely ruins the consistency of my butter cream! Anyways … they let me know that their Gel Food Coloring is A-O-Kay! Yay! Went and bought some right away! =)

Too syourp-y

Too syrup-y

I didn’t want to use Meringue powder for my Royal Frosting, so I didn’t! I just mixed together confectioner’s sugar and cool water (I guess it’s just icing, then?). The result was great! Next time I’ll remember flavoring though, might try out Almond since it seems highly recommended!

#2 Frosting Tip is Tiny!

#2 Frosting Tip is Tiny!

The recipe recommends using a #3 Frosting Tip … I couldn’t find mine! I found #2 and #4 though! I opted for #2, that was a mistake! About 3/4 of the way through I wanted to pull my hair out and toss the cookies in the trash. Instead, I ranted to my husband and switched to the #4 tip. Much less destructive.

Edging and Flooding Done!

Edging and Flooding Done!

Being this was my first time ever doing this, I am super impressed! And, after switching to the #4, it really wasn’t so difficult! =)  I read a bunch and found that putting a fan on your cookies makes sure you get a nice sheen on top! Dully noted and I made sure to do that!

Done, Done, Done!

Done, Done, Done!

So cute! I plan to make them again for Thanksgiving! I know my family will eat them all!

Close up ~

Close up ~

More posts incoming!! =)


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