Candy Making – Getting better all the time ~

Tried out my new molds finally! And I’m getting a bit better at melting the white “chocolate” melts so they don’t dry out! Molds of choice today: candy bar, dinos, and robots

Shiny molds ~

So, I learned from the previous times that the double boiler gets hot and wet! To avoid all previous issues, I just poured the candy into my Pyrex bowl for mold transferring expedience =)

Melted and ready to mold! =p

So I took the candy in its melted form and then spread it out in the molds … this was a great idea at the time but when I tried to emulate it with the next set of candy it didn’t go well … I’ll explain further down.

ooey and gooey =)

So, I planed to add some of the melted Reese’s Peanut Butter chips to the top so that is why the white
“chocolate” doesn’t fill all of the space. So, below is how it looked after being spread out and before going into the freezer!

Don’t worry I pushed it all into the molds!

Out of the freezer … this turned out to be a problem!

So, when you take warm melted candy and pour it on frozen candy .. the frozen candy wins!  The peanut butter, completely without me noticing until too late, had frozen on top of the white “chocolate”!!!

Ah, I had to scrape the candy into the molds …

See how are and frozen it all looks? Those lumps on top had to be chipped off! I tried to get it in there but never the less I learned another new lesson! Make sure you frozen candy warms up a bit before coating it in warm candy!  Will be better for everyone! =)

Close up ~

So shiny and cute!

So cute and all for me to eat! Okay, I’ll share =(

Will try to fill up the mold a bit more thoroughly next time!

The best part about silicone is the fact that everything pops out!! ~  They look cute!  Some of the dinos are a bit deformed but, as always, the taste is there!

One more post in the works and soon to be out! Then I have to be creative again! =)


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