Anniversary cake ~

My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary this past week! And, though it was two days late in being delivered, I did make them a cake!

The calm before the baking

I’ve had quite a few cakes come out stuck to the bottom and wanted to avoid that at all costs. I’ve learned that no amount of butter and flour could prevent it so I thought to try parchment. However, the first time I tried parchment, see one of my previous posts, cake is apparently not heavy enough to push down the parchment so the cake was all wonky on the sides. This time, I made a smaller piece of parchment and firmly pressed into the pan creasing the sides as I went.

Obstacle #2 (upside down pic!)

The recipe called for 2 cups of white sugar, “no problem” I thought! Turns out it was a problem. I really didn’t believe I really didn’t have any more white sugar .. it seemed impossible! I had this giant 5lb bag from Costco and used it all up?? The answer is “Yes” I really did use it all up =( So, since I didn’t want to make a second trip to the store when I was baking this (already made one trip for butter, made sure to stock up), I substituted brown sugar for one cup. The internet said it would be okay! But, look at how brown it is … I hope it tastes good!

By the way, I used a recipe I pulled from I had a standby yellow cake recipe that I really liked but Lucy ate it when I left it lying around =( I can’t remember which bookmark it was so it is gone!  This recipe though, link, might be used again, we’ll see!

Golden brown, cooked and done!

My husband helped me take the next picture so I could show the spots! Oh the spots!  But look at how nice that parchment looks! So nice, I was happy to see how easily it came out of the pan!

Brown spots!! I guess I should have stirred(??) the brown sugar a bit more!

Also making a brief appearance in the above photo is my white folding chairs! We used to have nice wooden chairs that matched the kitchen table but … Lucy basically ate them … We have vowed not to replace them until Lucy is no longer a danger to furniture … Might be a while …

Ready for the frosting!

Been a while since I got out the turn table! I’m glad I still had some cake rounds! Makes things easier! Learned another lesson about this Wilton turn table, it doesn’t like tape! See that tape mark on the bottom? It makes me sad and I can’t get it off =(

Nice and flat middle layer!

When I first started frosting, I was thinking of whether or not to try the “naked” cake look I’ve been seeing on reddit/r/food. It looked neat to me!  So, here is my own naked cake =)  I did add some decorations though!

Buttercream is the best, I don’t think I could love any other frosting more!

I’m so proud of this, looks nice, taste is the best. Melt in your mouth frosting!  I like that the pic below has a bit of Lucy coming in the doggie door in the corner =)

Level Level

Last but not least, here it is with my lovely “Happy Anniversary” on the top! I wanted to do more but alas thought this was pretty enough =) I have some extra frosting at home which I plan to have my husband toss out for me. No need for it to sit in the fridge tempting me to eat it! Which I happily will of course!

Anniversary? Spelling optional.

Kinda fugged the spelling there … I knew going in I wouldn’t not be capable of spelling it all out but at a glance, I think I pulled it off! ~~

The purple color is pretty =)

The purple color is pretty =)

Halloween and my Husband’s birthday means I get to make more cakes pretty soon! Yay!

I’ll end this post with a picture of frosting! Oh how I love it! It is sooo yummy and delicious! Frosting …




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