Cat House DIY: Day 1 ~

Being in Southern California I know that other places get rain but I also know that we don’t. However, the news is predicting that this winter will basically be the first rainy season in a decade!

As such, I thought I should build a house for a stray cat we recently (3 weeks ago) began feeding. She is quite pretty and we’re not above adopting her but we’re unsure how our cat Sweetie would adapt to a new addition … so, for now, a nice Cat House will have to do!

Discarded dog toys make this picture better

First thing I did was draw out my plan on paper. I wanted to try using Google Sketchup but I didn’t easily figure it out so paper and pencil was still the best option. Maybe next time though! Once I had my plan, I picked through some of the wood we had left over from previous projects and cut them up!

Outdoor tables double as work benches!

Here are the pieces a bit more on the “assembled” side of things. I decided to buy two cat doors after reading that you don’t want your cat trapped by predators! I don’t know what kind of urban predators there might be in my neighborhood but I know there are other stray cats! The picture above shows the base (upside down) and the two panels with the cat door installed!

Amazon: where you can buy nearly everything!

A note if I ever make another one of these: make sure that the cat door matches the thickness of the wood you’re using. The Cat Door is made to be used on a real door … which means my 3/4 inch ply wood is a bit thin!



After day 1 (which was really two days, 1 for cutting and 1 for assembly), I had a partially made box! I need another day to finish assembly and 3rd day to paint! =) Goal is to get it done before it rains again and then show Cat that this is a safe place to sleep!

Battery powered screwdriver ran out of juice ...

Battery powered screwdriver ran out of juice …

Lastly here is a picture of Cat~

Pretty blue eyes ~~

Will finish up the project this week and also try to get a few more spots for her to sleep made up in the yard 🙂


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