Cookie Cake ~

I know that sometime in the last 5 years I tried to do this … I think it turned out okay but not good enough for me to want to try it again I guess. Every now and again though I remember the kids growing up who had these cakes at their birthday party and I always thought they were delicious!

So, knowing I needed to bake another cake and knowing I wanted it to be different from the other cakes I have planned for the next two weeks. I decided that a chocolate chip cookie cake was the way to go!

Before baking …

I picked up those disposable baking pans at Target last week to make giving out cakes a bit easier. I made sure to butter the sides and bottoms in hope that this doesn’t stick too much!

I used this recipe from Nestle. Here. Since I was using a different sized pan I cooked it for 15 minutes at 375° and then 10 minutes at 350°.

Fresh out of the oven! ~~

Fresh out of the oven! ~~

Obviously I let it cool for a considerable amount of time. I even let it cool a bit in the oven while it was turned off. I wanted to make sure the center was heated properly — I should get a thermometer for that but I did do a toothpick test … that seemed okay lol


Ready to frost ~~

I decided on green because I wanted to use orange and this was the next best color option, lol. I made a full batch of frosting but barely used half. I’m saving the rest for some Halloween cupcakes!!

It looks so cheery!

One last picture ~~
By the way, Grandpa just turned 79!! Next year will be the be Eight “O” =) !!

Close up!

Close up!

These next three weeks are very busy for me personally but that also means a lot of occasions to bake so hopefully I’ll have time to post too!

Thank you for reading! =)


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