Slutty Brownies – A “not cake” birthday cake

Baking Time is really the best time of the year. It starts in October and ends in May. The summer is completely void of baking so I’m relishing the cool weather to get my bake-on basically every week! So much fun!

Two weeks ago I made a cookie cake for my Grandpa’s 79th Birthday and this week I made a Slutty Brownie “Not Cake” for my husband’s 30th Birthday! The plan was to make some Oreo Cookie Cheesecake bites too but time (and a 4 day fever) kept that from happening! I have all of the ingredients though so it’s still on the baking schedule!

The ingredients~~

The ingredients~~

My ingredient pictures really all do look the same!  After all, it’s the measurements that count =p You can’t see the third stick of butter in there … thankfully I didn’t need to use all of that one!

The butter in action ~

The butter in action ~

All that butter was split between the Chocolate Chip Cookie layer and the Brownie layer. I really never get to melt butter and combine sugar while it cooks on the stove. That was fun! Thankfully, I checked the recipe and pulled it off of the heat soon after this!  I guess I wasn’t really meant to “cook” the brownies on the stove-top =)

Before the great spread ...

Before the great spread …

Cookie Dough Layer ~~

Spreading complete! ~~

This was my first time making slutty brownies completely from scratch, generally I use a brownie mix (the Ghiradelli kind you can get in bulk from Costco) but since I didn’t have any mix handy I found a complete recipe from scratch. They turned out great!

Must have Oreos!!

Must have Oreos!!

I used this recipe, here, from What’s Gabby Cooking. I haven’t taken a look at the rest of her site but I always want to post a link so anyone else looking for a recipe can find the one I used!

The recipe calls for a 9×9 brownie baking pan. Ya, I don’t have one of those … no plans to get one either. But, I did buy a 9×13 cake pan recently so I used that!  Not using the recommended pan size means that my brownie layer was a bit thin… usually when I make these though the brownie layer is too think and they take a long time to cook, this way though they only needed 40 minutes in the oven!

Hoping is rises ...

Hoping is rises …

I put a layer of parchement paper on the bottom of the pan. The very first time I made these, two-ish years ago, I didn’t line the pan and I forgot to coat it with any butter or oil or anything! It was basically impossible to get them out! This time the parchment just means putting the pan upside down on a cutting board and hitting it a few time, then “pop” .. out they come!

Out of the oven!

Half-way out of the oven!

Oddly, I remembered to take a picture of the brownies at the half-way cooking point but not when they were done cooking … =(

Cut up into Oreo squares !!

Cut up into Oreo squares !!

Since this was meant to substitute for a birthday cake, I did get some candles together, plop them in a piece and sing my heart out. I gleefully welcomed my Husband into his thirties, I’ve already been doing it for 11 months, I’m glad he’s finally joining me! =)

One last picture of the cute away!  Noticed I cut around the Oreo cookies in the above picture? That means that from the side the stuffing is a surprise!!


So delicious!

Have a few posts in the works, nothing awesome … will try to get my Cheesecake posted soon though!


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