Bento #?? ~

Finally the Diaso near me opened!  Was originally going to open back in July but finally opened the 2 weeks-ish before Halloween!  I spent a bit of time walking around in there and, though I found a lot of cute things, I’m only going to share these right now.

Strawberry accessories ~

Strawberry accessories ~

I couldn’t pass them up with how cute they are! I decided to fill the little one with a lunch snack today. I didn’t actually go to work today because I’m home sick, had a doctor’s note and everything, though that was mostly for my own peace of mind!

Spaghetti Lunch ~

Spaghetti Lunch ~

One thing that always bugs me about Pinterest type Bento pics is that I know they are not for true Bento eating … they are lovely to look at but hardly travel worthy!  I”m sure the food doesn’t go to waste though, what I mean is that they aren’t actually being thrown into someone’s lunch bag and toted off into the world!

This is one of those Bentos … I did eat it but since I was home sick it did not get to travel outside the kitchen … even I’m sad about that!  Though, it means I too did what I dislike .. made a non-travel worthy Bento! See how high it’s packed? Completely impracticable!

From up high ~

From up high ~

The Bento contains some leftover cheese toast from lunch yesterday, angel hair pasta, roasted onion and garlic spaghetti sauce, and Trader Joe’s veggie sausages … only half of the sausage, I just popped the other half in my mouth as it came off the stove, yummy!

I did use those chop sticks ~

I did use those chop sticks ~

Picked up some cute chop sticks at Daiso too, I can tell that me and that store are going to be great friends!  Lunch was yummy by the way. It stopped my perpetual upset stomach for a little while at least =)

This was a quick post, I hope to get some more small ones up this week, baking was on hold still since my cold didn’t clear up … I try not to get strangers sick!


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