10 Days of Busy: Blizzcon and Disney Avengers Half-Marathon

This past week, I never cooked, I never baked but … I was busy! The post before last was a spaghetti bento, that was extent of my cooking last week done Monday while I was home from work … sick! I was sick basically from Halloween until this past Wednesday, 12 days … yay … =(

During that time though I did do some fun things and this weekend some more fun things!

Go every year ~

I go every year ~

Nov. 6-7th was Blizzcon!  I’ve posted before, just a little bit, about being a Blizzard (World of Warcraft) fan and last weekend was their annual convention!

Gaming area ~~

Gaming area ~~

I go with my Dad, he plays too, and we spend time walking around, looking at stuff, and trying out new games. Like, Overwatch!

Contest Night ~

Contest Night ~

We went all day Friday but Saturday I woke up covered in spots!  I was super worried I had caught the Measles (though I have a current vaccination) because I was at Disneyland on the 29th and I remember the outbreak from last year!  The Husband and I made a trip to Urgent Care, nothing “wrong” with me, just super sick said the Doctor.  So, I napped the afternoon away and me and Dad went back in the evening for a few hours on the last day!

Reluctantly crouched at the staring line ~

Reluctantly crouched at the staring line ~

The spots have cleared up and I’m healthy now!  Good thing too because the Husband and I were signed up to run the Disney Avengers Half-Marathon this weekend (this morning rather). We stayed over night at a hotel near Disneyland, got up at 3:30am, walked to Disney, waited an hour at Disneyland for the race to start, and then ran, ran, ran!!

We ran all the way to the Angel Stadium!!

We took the long way there ... usually I go by car =p

We took the long way there … usually I go by car =p

Sorry the pic was a little blurry!  But, it is super recognizable anyway!!

First Marathon Ever~

First Marathon Ever~

Since this was our very first marathon it was also our first 5k and 10k!  Such accomplishment, much amaze =p


We started in the third corral so the time on all of the signs was off. We finished, according to the race tracker at 3 hours and 15 minutes from when we started! I am super impressed with us!

Next year we’ll try to go faster than a 15 minute mile but that also included a bathroom break at mile 7 so … =)

At the end of the race they gave out medals, of course, and snack boxes! I didn’t know about the snack boxes so I had prepared my own, these were yummy though!

The banana was yummy ~

The banana was yummy ~

Busy few weeks are now behind me!  Time to get ready for Thanksgiving, then finals, then my birthday =p Gotta think of what to bake myself this year! =)


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