Book Review #13-15

Three more books have been absorbed into my reader’s brain since I last posted a book review. Two were for fun and one was for a class … bet you’ll never guess which was for school! =p Nah, it’s pretty obvious … =)

A Career of Evil
By Robert Galbraith

Third book in the J.K. Rowling Cormoran Strike series. And Oh My Gosh, what an ambiguous ending!!!! ~~~ So mean of her !! =(

Love it though, read it two weekends ago while not feeling good. It was just as interesting as the first two in the series and I really like how the characters seem to gain new experiences each novel instead of always relying on the same skills … though, Cormoran did have a mysterious “break through” like he did in a previous book … that’s okay though! Lovely read!

Did learn something important about Nook though, don’t pre-order books!!!  Apparently, if you pre-order it Nook won’t push the book to your Nook for your to read and you have to CALL them to get it fixed!!! What is with that? Instead I just read the whole thing on my iphone 6 … I mist have swiped left at least a thousand times … and now I know to never every pre-order a Nook book!

About a Vampire: An Argeneau Vampire Novel
By Lynsay Sands

Book #22 in the series!  I read these books quite quickly and really enjoy them!  Always a happy ending, always some hi-jinks and some Vampire *ahem* Immortal Romance =)

Another complaint about Nook though … they always send me e-mails phrased like “We noticed you’ve just read book #22 in a series, would you like to try book #21”?????
I really want to tell it “No, Nook. I do not want to read book #21, mostly because I already have read it! I don’t pick up the last book in a series without reading the first 20+” … And, all of the books were bought on Nook so “it” should know … ugh, oh well!

Loosing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry
By McNish and Silcoff

Actually read the whole thing for my Leadership and Ethics in Organizations course this quarter. Was quite interesting and very sad …

Every bad decision that was made at BlackBerry, or R.I.M., is laid out for you to read in this book and some of them are just idiotic … understandably so the company is in the position it is in now there was no reasonable way for them to stay the top cell phone maker with their company leadership ….

We’re now reading The Children for the same course. Not sure I’ll finish this one, it is quite well written and interesting but it’s 800+ pages and I just don’t have enough time!

As always, when I read more I’ll post more!


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