Rice Bento ~

Lucy is one sick puppy this week! She can’t keep anything in her belly and it’s coming out both ends!

Stripes ~

Quick trip to the vet, some X-rays, some prescriptions, some saline (for the dehydration), and $526 … And, she should be on her way to good health!

Now, what does this have to do with rice? Well the vet recommended that we feed her rice and boiled chicken for a few days while her stomach heals up from whatever it is she ate …

Me, being a vegetarian, is in charge of making the rice and my Husband, the chicken … Lucy doesn’t like rice much but I do!

So here is what I did with my portion of the rice I made for Lucy this morning!

White rice + sesame seeds + nori furikake


Sick puppy for reference … she was cold … sweater + bandanna was needed!

The sweater is a tad too big …



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