Sunday Bread Baking

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Pretty cool, 4 days off from work, Fall quarter is wrapping up, and I’m not completely swamped … So, I had a little bit of free time!  I actually did the baking in this post on Sunday but Monday and Tuesday are my busy days (work+class) so I haven’t had a chance to write anything up!

And, since it’s 9:47pm and I was thinking about going to sleep, I thought “why not write it up now, ya?” … good plan!

I made biscuits!  Super minimal recipe. My mom requested I bake some Vegan biscuits for Thanksgiving and since I hadn’t made biscuits before I wanted to practice!

No eggs, no milk, no yeast!  However, maybe not totally a surprise, the first attempt was not successful!  The recipe’s proportions were off … way off!

When I mixed everything together … I got pancake mix … It looked like great pancake mix too! I think at this point I should have got out a pan and some butter and made pancakes …

Not really a “dough”

Instead! I decided to trudge on and finagle the recipe as best I could … the results were less than good to put it mildly …

Post Finagling ~

I wasn’t sure this was going to work at this point and was really regretting my decision to not make pancakes ….

Again, I’d like to congratulate the red silicone rolling pin for being awesome in the face of all adversity … I wish I’d used the other side of the cutting board though …

After lots and lots of fun, I ended up with a tray of doughy disks … plopped them in the oven for 12 minutes and the result was as expected …

Flat … mostly hard … not really edible … I messed with the ingredients too much! Added lots of flour but didn’t add more baking powder or salt …

Not suitable for human consumption … the plan will be to donate the biscuits to my Grandma’s chickens, they’ll love ’em!

Ready for round two! Using a recipe with a bit better proportions, I  washed everything (not an inconsiderable feat in my house) and started again!

These next pictures are exactly what I hoped for!

Look at that lovely dough!  So spongy, so soft!  I kneaded for a few minutes 4ish~ and got the picture below!


Remembered to use the other side of the cutting board this time!

They were already taller at this point than the first batch was after cooking! My feelings about this batch were positive, mostly optimistic! ~~

The corning ware is ready for the oven! I had a reason at the time for using corning ware for this batch but I don’t remember what is was … hope it isn’t important because I plan to use a baking sheet tomorrow!

Yummy! Ignore those wonky ones on the side, those were made with the leftover dough …they tasted just as good as the pretty ones though!

I should have taken an ending photo of both sets of biscuits together so you could see the height difference … I imagine it is about an inch though … the first batch was barely half an inch and this batch was about an inch and a half tall!

They tasted just like regular old biscuits … perfect!

Since I’m off the hook for a full Thanksgiving dinner this year, I get to exclusively bake! Yay!  Pumpkin Pie, Fall Iced Cookies, and something else … oh, the biscuits! =)


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