Thanksgiving Baking! ~

No hosting for me this year, yay! So, instead of baking two or three days ahead and just cooking on the day, I spent 4 hours baking on Thanksgiving! It was fun =)

The only prep was shopping (I didn’t have cloves or pumpkin) and recipe picking (plus my little biscuit baking adventure last Sunday), otherwise I just winged it!

Just like with the biscuits, I had planned to make a practice Pumpkin Pie so I had purchased two cans of 100% Pumpkin stuffs.  I never got around to making a practice pie so I thought “Okay, we’ll make two pies then!” Notice the two pie plates below? At that point, the plan was two pies … So, I doubled the dough recipe I planned to use and started mixing!

At this point the dough looked really small … Did I really double it? Not so sure lol … I got out my rolling pin to roll it out … glanced at the recipe and saw that this isn’t that kind of dough recipe … So, I put the rolling pin and cutting board away!

So, it was only a second ago, remember I mentioned making two pies? Turned out I didn’t feel comfortable with the small amount of pie crust this recipe made so I used it all on one pie … Made it look pretty though!

To make the pie look pretty, I didn’t like the ratty “pressed” edges, I used the remaining dough to make little decorative dough balls … I made a bit more than 50 of them to line the side of the pie crust. I think it looked pretty!  I then put the crust in the freezer for about two hours uncovered.

With the crust in the freezer … I took a  break … making crust is tiring! =)

After my break, I began the pie mixture! Nothing fancy going on down there. I did substitute a 12oz. can of condensed milk with a combination of powdered milk and water using some proportions I found online … which I can’t find again now (of course!). So, I mixed 1 cup of powdered milk with 1 and 1/4 cup of water. It worked great in the recipe!

I just thought it looked pretty in that weird mix pic below … the smell was very pumpkin-pie-y right now!

All mixed and ready to be added to the pie crust!

Now, the recipe called for heating the oven up to 400°+ and then setting it to 350° when adding in the pie .. I did that but knew I’d have to turn it up again .. my oven doesn’t do 350° …

I pulled the pie out of the oven to check on it multiple times once it reached the supposed “done” time. Then I decided that I’d turn the oven up to 375° and then just “forget” about the pie … this turned out to be a good thing!

Right out of the oven!  I did get those dark spots but I don’t mind that. The back left corner of my oven burns everything!  That is where my oven hides its spitefulness =p I think the pie spent a bit more than 90 minutes in the oven at varying temperatures while other dishes went in and out around it!

On to the cookies! I was planning on making some kind of pumpkin cookie at this point since I now had an extra can of Pumpkin .. but my Husband requested Peanut Butter … so, I made those! Still have an extra can of pumpkin now …

After mixing the ingredients together, I started separating the cookie dough. I wanted to add in some Peanut Butter chips but didn’t have enough for all of the cookies!

All ready for the oven!  I had enough dough left in the bowl for three cookies so I put those on a smaller cookie sheet and tossed them in too! Ended up with nine special Peanut Butter Chip Cookies =)

I stopped trimming, or caring really, about the size of my parchment pieces recently .. but, this turned out to be a mistake! I almost had my own Thanksgiving Day fire as the sides of the parchment were touching the walls of the oven and heating up quickly!  The heat was also burning one cookie that was nearby. It was the burning cookie smell that got me to investigate … now I’ll go back to trimming my parchment paper like a normal person!

Before baking close up!

The cookies had to wait their turn before going into the oven, the biscuits were nearly ready to come out … the pie … well, I’d forgotten about it =p

Cookies fresh from the oven!  The normal Peanut Butter Cookies with the typical fork marks.

Then the awesome kind with the Peanut Butter Chips … They were soooo good!! =)

All packed up and ready to go to my Mom and Dad’s house!  Also on my “to bring” list, was some Martinelli’s and folding chairs.

Last slice of Pumpkin Pie and one of the last cookies as they were before being eaten on Friday after Thanksgiving!

Now, it’s time for Christmas!  Decorating, baking, movies, and, my favorite, Christmas music!  I love it so much!  =)  Working on finishing my Christmas cards this weekend, so I’ll have a post about that ready sometime next week!

Oh, I almost forgot!  For the Pumpkin Pie I used a Betty Crocker recipe, here! The biscuits are from this recipe, here, not sure if I posted it before. Lastly, the cookies were from this recipe, here! For the cookies, I did substitute out the shortening for more butter. Worked well!


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