November Penny and Lucy Pics~

It’s that time again! My favorite time of the month where I get to show off pictures of our doggies!! =) Now, having 1 dog was awesome but, having 2 dogs is so amazing!!

Like my cement floors? They make life easy!

Puppy cuddles are adorable and so is Sweetie when she danes us with her presence in the rest of the house.

Now that the weather is turning a bit colder, I get to dress them in their Halloween sweaters so they can be warm!

One more picture from when Lucy was sick. I know she doesn’t look it there and I’m grateful for that. I think I might put her in Penny’s XXL sweaters more often than needed now =)

We did have a few sunny days here and there in November, not many though! Penny is definitely a summer kind of girl =)

Now, when Lucy was stick she got to eat special food. The special food was quite messy and would get over all of her ears! So, we decided to wrap them up in one of their bandannas! So cute!

Once Lucy was feeling better, she was back to her thieving self!  I think Penny knows Lucy misbehaves and feels bad for me most of the time! If only Penny could keep her little sister in-line! lol =)

I was scrolling through my phone for this post and basically all of my November pictures of are 4 things : Blizzcon, The Half Marathon, Baking, and my Puppies~ Not so bad, certainly nothing to complain about! =)

Next is to get them some cute Christmas outfits, decorate the house and take Holiday Photos! So Cute! ~~


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