Christmas Cards From Scratch~

I’ve mentioned it a few times already but every year since I got married I make the Christmas cards we send out to family and close friends. I really enjoy doing it and it ties into my putting together scrap books and making birthday cards. This year I decided to make 20 cards. This gives me 16 to mail, 3 extras to either give out or keep for other years, and 1 to put in a scrap book!

I tried to take pictures that show progress or the putting together of many parts. The Penguin drawing on the cards as well as the inscription on the inside were both created by me.  I was inspired by the penguin cards I’d seen on Pinterest and then drew the picture below =) The inscription is pretty basic so I’m sure there are similar if not the same ones out there!

I like cards that have different layers to them but since I do have to make a few of them and I still have work, grad school, and general life to worry about … I just try not to go too crazy =)

Since I have a lot of crafting bits-n-bobs I try not to buy too much. I just purchased the cards (since I buy them every year and use them up), some ribbon, and some decorations to put on the front.



Now with the fronts done, I switch to the insides! I prepared the words using Word (lol) and the hats are cropped from the image on the front of the card, moved together, and then made to look nice =) Yay for all the picture editing I’ve gotten good at at my job this year!


To get those cute little corners I used a paper punch set! This set came with a straight punch and a corner punch. I had planned to use both and do all sides of the card but then I did some simple multiplication …

4 corners: 4 punches x 20 cards = 80 punches …
2 short sides: 4 punches x 20 cards = 80 punches …
2 long sides: 6 punches x 20 cards = 120 punches …

To cover all the sides with the cute design I would have had to “punch” paper 280 times!!! Ya … I just did the corners …


The paper punches were on sale!

Though the paper is mostly cute all on its own, I wanted to add a few stamps .. carry on the red theme I have going from the front =)


I like both the wooden block stamps and the rubber ones. Those plastic blocks are so fun to have!  And, I can arrange the stamps how ever I like on them! Plus I can get them in all sorts of sizes and when you buy the rubber stamp sets its a bit cheaper … =)



I’ve used these stamps before but I don’t think anyone will notice! ~~

No surface left un-embellished!  Front, Inside, and Back … I want every part to have something neat on it. Plus, ever since I was a little kid, I always write the “Made by … ” on the back. Though as I’ve gotten older I have realized that it is quite obvious that the cards are homemade …

Though I expend most of my effort in making the cards themselves, I also decorate the envelopes a little bit =) I’m going to have to tape my envelopes shut this year and make sure they get hand metered at the post office … They are a little thick thanks to the little do-dads on the fronts =)


not exactly a straight shot … lol

19 Christmas cards in a nice wreath shape there =) The twentieth card doesn’t have an envelope due to some grievous misspellings on my part… that one also volunteered to be in the scrap book! How kind of it …

Maybe I should glue them together … nah!

I’d say total time from start to finish was about 8 hours spread out over 3 or so weeks … though that doesn’t really give this project justice since I spend considerable time thinking of what theme to use, what to write on the inside, and checking Michael’s for neat stuff … So,really, I spend months passively working on them and then assemble them at light speed!

Because it would be terrible for me not to mention it … Lucy ate three cards + their envelopes … I guess that will be my new reason for making extras next year … yay …


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