12 Days Until Christmas: Snickerdoodles

It’s right around the corner and I don’t want to miss any opportunities to bake! There has been so much going on the past two months that I feel like if I don’t prioritize baking, January will hit and I’ll have to wait until next year! Time to bake bake bake!!!

Day #1:Snickerdoodles

I’ve made these only twice before and neither of those times were recent …

Woah ... don't follow those baking directions!

Woah … don’t follow those baking directions!

I quickly copied down the ingredients and the instructions from my Ipad so it could go back to endlessly streaming The West Wing … I apparently had a brain lapse of some sort when I wrote the “spoon the dough” ya … that isn’t right!

Dough and Sugar/Cinnamon Mix =)

Dough and Sugar/Cinnamon Mix =)

After mixing the ingredients, I made sure my hands were super clean and starting rolling little dough balls!  It was fun. Unfortunately the episodes I was watching were sad, Season 4 of The West Wing isn’t really a happy go fun time in that series …

I enlisted some help in taking this picture =)

I enlisted some help in taking this picture =)

I enjoy playing with my food~  I made two dozen Snickerdoodles and got to roll each one into a ball and then around in (see below) sugar!

Almost done ...

Almost done …

Sugar/Cinnamon Coated!

Sugar/Cinnamon Coated!

It took about 15 minutes to get them rolled and coated. Really not that long. The oven was preheated and the first batch went in!  Before baking picture below =)

1 Sheet Ready for the Oven!

1 Sheet Ready for the Oven!

I probably over cooked them a bit … I had the timer set and rotated the cookie sheet twice so they cooked evenly and then … I forgot about them … this happens a lot. Sadly, timers don’t help. I hear the timer, know what it means, turn the timer off, and forget the “follow through” part …

All done ~

All done ~

They were melt in your mouth cookies with a crunch!  Bite into them, chew once or twice and they melt away … Yummy!!! =)

Shout out to The Dollar Tree for their festive plates that I don’t have to worry about!

I have quite a few more baking posts planned between now and Christmas, it’s gonna be fun! =)


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