11 Days Until Christmas: Butter Spritz

These were fun to make!  This was my first time using the cookie press I picked up at Costco last year and it went really well! Not perfect, but, as I always hope, they tasted great!

Day #2: Butter Spritz =)

Ingredients and a Plan =)

It was a little fun to pour out the ingredients before actually staring in on the assembly … I almost always measure on the fly so to speak so this was a big change! I will remember next time though to take it all apart when I’m immediately done with it, waiting until the next morning is not a good idea … #nodishwasherlife =p

Cuisinart Cookie Press

I don’t think this type of cookie is the most popular to make. Mostly I see the common three types out and about … “_____” Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, and Iced Sugar Cookies. As I’m staring to realize, I probably should have refrigerated the dough for a bit, taken it out, let it warm up, and then put it in the press… seems cookie doughs like a break before being cooked! Apparently “doughs” is not a word … whatever … I used a word in an essay last week that could or could not have been a “real” word … we’ll see how that grade ends up ….

Dough Ready To Go ~

Using the Cookie Press was an interesting experience. I made sure to push down the dough to remove air bubbles, I did two presses of dough before disengaging and I tried to make them look similar with very little effect …

Not sure what I did or didn’t do to make them look like that … next time no parchment for starters …

At this point, being that this was my first time with this recipe and with the press, I really was worried … Then I put them in the oven and I worried a ton more!

They Puddled Out a Bit ….

They melted … the recipe I used said to keep them in the oven long enough for them to “set” … it didn’t mention melting.. was the melting my fault? Pretty much …

Not so Bad Looking ~

Look, Look! I didn’t over cook them! Notice, no dark brown? Amazing … However, they did melt down from their original shape … I’m starting to think “success” at this point!

Time for Dipping!

Because just having little light and fluffy cookies isn’t enough, I dipped them in chocolate!  Oh wow, did that make a difference! So delicious!  I really wish I had saved all of them for me instead of sharing … guess that means I’ll just have to make some more!

Halfway Done!

I had a bag of milk chocolate chips and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips to use up so I did the dipping in two batches. The first batch (up top there) was the semi-sweet and they dried much much darker.

The second batch was the milk chocolate and they dried much lighter in color! This makes sense considering the different types of chocolate … but, I wanted to point it out =)

Dipping Complete ~

Dipping Complete ~

All shiny and still gooey =) I let them set in the freezer before plating and then bagging for a car ride!!

Two Sides to a Plate ~

These were a big hit!  They are definite must make from now on! If you have a Cookie Press or can get one, Butter Spritz Cookies rock!! ~~


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