10 Days until Christmas: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Classic cookie but always a favorite!  I know I’ve posted them on here a few times before but I have to make them for the holidays! They are loved by all.

Day 3: Chocolate Chip Cookies

The organization is lovely …

I’m using a modified recipe from the Nestle basic cookie, that one always turns out flat, so this modified one was better!

I also used Milk Chocolate Chips instead of semi-sweet. Mainly because I got confused when shopping and thought for a few minutes that Milk Chocolate = White Chocolate .. Ya know, ’cause Milk is white … 😦

There were three of these sheets …

I made sure to refrigerate the dough this time (ended up being about 2 hours in the fridge). The cookies turned out lovely!

Seeing this picture makes me want to eat more!

Stick of butter for scale. I didn’t count but it was a bit more than 3 dozen cookies. They were a big hit over the weekend and now we’re slowly going through the rest at home 🙂

Tomorrow is Ginger Bread Cookies and then begins Round #2!


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