9 Days Until Christmas: Gingerbread Cookies

It’s after 5 and I haven’t had a chance to write up the post!
So here we go as fast as possible!

The Parts Needed ~

The Parts Needed ~

This is the last recipe in Round #1 of the Pre-Christmas baking series I’m trying o do! I admit it’s a bit hard to get a post up everyday as today’s post is evidence of!

Also, this is my frost time making Gingerbread cookies! Lots of firsts happening this year!

So, the first part of the recipe incorporated the use of the stove … I’m being very honest when I say how shocked I was at how foamy the mixture what when you add the baking soda! Look at that picture above, it nearly swallowed the butter bits!

After it settled a bit if it ready to add the flour and egg. I was hoping it wasn’t too hot at this point because I didn’t want the egg acting funky …



After mixing in the flour it finally started to look less like soup and more like a dough. I ended up adding like a 1/4 cup more flour than the recipe called for but I think that was a good idea!


This is where I deviated from the recipe substantially … I had to refrigerate my dough for about 14 hours before I had time to cook it ….

Thankfully nothing tragic resulted from this! I let the dough sit out for about an hour before I started to work with it. Another good idea by me =p



I decided on three shapes and I had a lot of fun rolling the dough and cutting the cookies out. My Husband took a few actions shots for me =)




This looks perfect in some strange cookie way …

One more neat picture for “fun” purposes =)


After the baking it was 11pm and the cookies went back into the fridge for the night now!


Then the really super duper fun part happened, the icing! Makes all cookies better! It was also now that ate my first Gingerbread cookie! Yum!! Yay!!


I tried to make it as stiff as possible!

I made sure to add flavoring to the icing this time so it’s just powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and cold water =)

Candy Canes Done!

Candy Canes Done!

As I finished up the candy canes I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes had gone by. I thought “Wow, I’ll be done in no time!” ya … that was not a properly formed thought … the Candy Canes were the easiest to frost!  Took a total of 70 minutes for all of the cookies because I’m not so fast at it =(

Gingerbread Men Done!

Gingerbread Men Done!

I really want to make these again before Christmas because they tasted so delicious and I don’t want to have to wait till next year to have more!

Cute plate of Cookies ~~

Cute plate of Cookies ~~

I made two plates up for us to take to our respective workplaces =) Who doesn’t love free cookies? Hopefully no one because I can’t eat all of these myself … lol

Last Picture, I Promise!

Last Picture, I Promise!

Tomorrow’s post will start Round #2!! Mostly treats and my Birthday Cake!  Yay for being a December baby some 30 going on 31 years ago …. !!


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