5 Days Until Christmas: Birthday Cake ~

Lucky me being born 6 days before Christmas … As it is, I’ve always had a kind of mixed bag of a Birthday. Some years are super-duper birthday centric, some are mellow, and some are Christmas.

I tried to make this one have an awesome Birthday cake since I honestly couldn’t really think of any “special” I wanted to do!  Last year felt like a whole year about turning 30 so this year just really couldn’t top that lol

Last baking *thing* in Round #2 ~

Last baking *thing* in Round #2 ~

This is not my original recipe, it was printed from the internet a long while back. I’ve used it before but I think this was the most success I’ve had with it. Ultimately, I think this is the best cake since I switched from using boxed mixes to homemade. Man those boxed cakes were easy though …

Lumpy town ~

Lumpy town ~

Don’t be shocked if you try this recipe and get these crazy looking lumps at first. They do smooth out during the mixing process!

Creamy smooth ...

Creamy smooth …

I tend to get flour everywhere when using the stand mixer but there really is not substitute for what a stand mixer can accomplish!

I had an idea ...

I had an idea …

This is when I was like “Oh man, I have a ton of Oreos still! I should put them in the cake batter!” … So, I did … my Husband munched up two packages (two rows if you have a normal tray of Oreos) so I could add them in!

The cake batter quickly turned into cookie-esque batter =)

Smelled really good right then ~~

Smelled really good right then ~~


I forgot to take a good picture of how the batter looked in the cake pans before baking. I also want to mention that I don’t butter or grease my cake pans anymore. I use a piece of parchment cut to the size of the bottom of my cake pan and just run a knife around the edges when it’s done cooking. This method works for the best for me!

Done cooking !!~

Done cooking !!~

I cooked them on the top rack in my oven for about 30 minutes at 375° making sure to swap them around twice so neither was in the hot spot too long. I then moved them to the middle-ish bottom rack (for about 5 minutes) when I put in the Cheesecake and lowered the oven temperature to 350°. The cake on the left came out clean with a toothpick test at this point while the cake on the right had a bit of batter on it. I let them sit out on the counter to cool for about 3 hours before frosting …

The goal is to usually let the cakes chill in the fridge, then crumb coat, then back in the fridge, then decorate but I was out of time … as my Birthday Cake was finished about 20 minutes before midnight (basically 20 minutes before my Birthday!).

Leveling ...

Leveling …

I cut off the top of this cake to give me a nice flat surface to frost. The frosting is the recipe on the back of the C&H Powdered Sugar box … doubled though … ya, know … for reasons …


See  how nice and level that first layer is? So nice!

I don't own a frosting spatula ...

I don’t own a frosting spatula …

I just used a butter knife to frost the cake. Because I didn’t crumb coat there are some bits in there but I don’t mind.

Nicely shaped =)

Nicely shaped =)

I wanted to prop up the cake a bit without getting out my lazy susan … I think the Oreo cookie box did a great job! Look at how nice that cake is shaped!  =)

I asked my husband to help me pick the colors for my cake’s decorations and he said pink with some pink. I instead did pink and purple, for contrast =) We were each armed with a frosting bag and had fun! I think this turned into the prettiest cake I’ve ever made!


I couldn’t have imagined a prettier cake for my birthday! And, it was so delicious! We just got back from seeing Star Wars this morning and I had a slice … the best!


We got a little artsy with this photo, the shadows rock!


Roman Numeral Candles ...

Roman Numeral Candles …

I used these candles on my Husband’s cake last month, I’m glad I saved them to use on mine!

The center of the cake ...

The center of the cake …

I just wanted to include this pic that shows how square the cakes are and how even the frosting is! I’m super proud of this!

This was the last post for Round #2! Only 5 more days of Christmas and I have a set of posts ready to be made leading up to it!

On a cool note, WordPress says I’ve done nearly 100 blog posts!  That’s awesome! I think I started this blog last February which means I’ve done a rough average of 1 blog post every 3 days over the last 11 months. That’s kinda cool! I do think doing this has taken away from some other things I did before but I’m happy with the substitution. Gotta try new things and all!


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