6 days until Christmas: Cheesecake

We’re on the second half of my 12 day baking count down with this third post from Round #2!
Cheesecake!!! =)

I make this about 3 or 4 times a year and I’m certain I’ve posted one on here previously, but really there can never be too much Cheesecake!

I forgot to re-point the arrow!

I forgot to re-point the arrow!

I took this picture after I took the Birthday Cake Pic … Looks like I forgot to move the little arrow! Well, there is no going back now! We only move forward =p

Munched Oreos =)

Munched Oreos =)

The recipe, and most recipes do, called for a Graham Cracker Crust. Ya, well … my only package of Graham Crackers didn’t smell right so I tossed it! Thankfully, I had just picked up a giant box of Oreos at Costco two weeks ago and decided to substitute those =)

Favorite part of the process? Pretty much.

Favorite part of the process? Pretty much.

Mixing together the melted butter and the Oreos was a lot of fun! I was worried I didn’t have enough Oreo in there but it turned out to be perfect! Covered the whole pie pan!

Look at that smooth soon-to-be Cheescake ... Yum!

Look at that smooth soon-to-be Cheescake … Yum!

I beat the crap out of the Cheesecake ingredients. I’ve made plenty a Cheesecake that had had some lumps and I don’t mind them but I wanted to try and not have any this time …

Ready for Baking ~

Ready for Baking ~

See what I mean about having enough crust? It fit perfectly!

Close up ~

Close up ~

Now, here is where my story goes a bit awry … I wanted to try and let the Cheesecake cool in the oven … this is not how I usually do it! I usually pull it out and cover it with a lid then let it cook on the counter for like 2 hours before chilling (just like my Aunt told me!) … Instead I left it in the oven … I probably still should have covered it and I should have turned off the oven sooner … so … it’s over done! =(

Awe man ... that don't look right ...

Awe man … that don’t look right …

The black crust was terrifying by the way … I totally forgot I had used Oreos …

So, the point was to avoid the giant crack in the middle … Instead this is the biggest crack I’ve ever had in a Cheesecake … Well, I tried something new and it didn’t work out how I liked … I won’t know for certain if the Cheese Cake is edible until later when we cut into it but I’m not really that hopeful right now …

One last pic of what a presumably over cooked Cheesecake looks like … *sigh*

"X" does not mark the spot ....

“X” does not mark the spot ….

Tomorrow will be the last post for round two and it will be my Birthday Cake!  The Cake is already made and in the fridge but I’m waiting until I have “Cut Open” picture before posting it!  5 More posts until Christmas! =)


2 thoughts on “6 days until Christmas: Cheesecake

  1. Oh my goodness, I think I just fell in love with this recipe, these beautiful photos, and your blog! All while drooling a little bit on my desk. 🙂
    Your photography is absolutely incredible, and this cheesecake looks to die for. Cheesecake has always been one of my number one favourite desserts, and your version looks top-notch! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad I discovered your blog and I can’t wait to try out some of your other recipes. 🙂 Have a beautiful rest of the weekend and very happy holidays to you and your family. I hope you celebrate with some AMAZING dessert like this one!


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