3 Days Until Christmas: Russian Tea Cakes

Oh, I’m so depressed (not really)!  I missed yesterday!!! I remembered around 10:30pm that I hadn’t posted but thought it was too late … might as well skip a day and be a little sad on the inside about it =(

So, it looks like the Iced Sugar Cookies aren’t going to get made this year (really, I don’t have time to make them anyways). But here are some yummy Russian Tea Cakes (cookies?).

I had some fresh out of the oven after rolling them in the powdered sugar and they were delicious!


This was crazy easy to make! 6 ingredients and I bought the nuts already cut up! The recipe came from one of those websites where they list things like “Best Holiday Cookies” and “Wow you’re family with these easy holiday recipes!” stuff like that =p

When I was first mixing the dough I thought for sure I missed something but the longer you mix the more it comes together. See in the picture above the parts are sticking together like normal dough =)

I enjoy rolling out the cookies, gives me a chance to keep watching the West Wing before Netflix takes it down on December 24th. I’m on Season 6 so I still have a full season to go … I don’t think I’m going to make it …

After baking I poured out some more Powdered Sugar into a bowl to get ready to dust! The bottoms of the cookie/cakes were just a bit brown and they held together nicely with handling =)

Had to keep fluffing up the sugar to make sure it stuck properly. The Recipe mentioned rolling it in sugar twice, once while warm and a second time while cool … Ya, I didn’t do that. Not enough hours in the day!

The recipe only made the ones picture below .. about 38 … really I thought it would make more!

These were super yummy right out of the oven, I haven’t had any since I plopped them in the fridge yesterday.

I’m giving these out at work so I hope they don’t suck lol Tomorrow will be some puppy cookies then some Banana Bread for Christmas morning!  I’m gonna bake some more Chocolate Chip Cookies but I’ll just thrown a picture into another post … =))


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