2 Days Until Christmas: Puppy Treats

Whipped these up super fast! Since they aren’t for people I  guess I might not have taken the same level of care as I normally do … it speeds up the process =p


I mixed by hand today … that was fun … not! But at least it meant not pulling out the mixer =)


I didn’t bother to 100% incorporate the dough so it looks like marbled =)


I used a tiny sized biscuit cutter to make the cookies, someday I’ll buy one of those dog bone cutters … those would be cute!


It looks really neat here! I baked them for about 40 minutes with the oven on and then turned the oven off to let the cookies(?) harden a bit more!


This is me temping Lucy (left) and Penny (right) with one of the cookies. Don’t worry I gave them both one after I took this!


Tomorrow is the last post in this series! It’s been fun but tiring!  =) My props to those full time bloggers!!


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