1 Day Until Christmas: Banana Bread



I made this amazing smelling bread when I woke up this morning so I could eat it tomorrow! Talk about delayed gratification …

The recipe is pretty basic, I avoid recipes that use strange things or things I don’t normally have like Buttermilk or Yogurt (yuck, I do not enjoy yogurt!) … oh the recipe calls for milk … I just plain forgot to add that lol

Had to get out the stand mixer for this one, I’m not about to cream butter by hand. I may be handy but I’m not that cool …


Here it is right before I scraped the bowl for the first time. I mixed everything but the flour together first and then added in the flour a bit at a time till I got it all incorporated =)


As I’m oft to do lately, I didn’t bother buttering the sides of my baking dish … though I’m pretty sure I used one that was too small … that’s a different story through!



I baked it for a total of an hour. I didn’t want to over cook it but I had a big interruption during the cooking time that demanded I pull  out the Banana Bread or forget about it and let it burn … so I baked it for 40 minutes … let it sit on the counter for about an hour … then cooked it for another 20 minutes … fun times. My oven doesn’t even cook well at 350° =(

Sorry, no picture of it cut open yet! I’m saving it for Christmas morning breakfast!

This has been fun but I’m gonna return to posting just a few times a week once Christmas is over lol 🙂


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