December Penny and Lucy Pictures!

This past December was super busy for me .. Actually starting in mid-October I feel like I haven’t had any downtime! Things should get better once January is over … Not now though!

Anyways, I bring up busy because that is why I don’t have many lovely puppy pictures to share this month! I haven’t even had a chance to do a Holiday photo shoot yet!! Once I do though, I’ll use my new camera to do it, I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Our house faces west and we have a rather large tree in a neighbor’s yard so during the winter we only have two windows that let in sun … and, since it’s been pretty cold out here in Southern California … they squeeze into the only sun spot in the house!

Penny was there first!

Another testament to how chilly its been …  Lucy sleeps on an old comforter (because she eats it … so we give her something disposable =( ), in the morning we take it away because it gets torn apart if we leave it! On this particular morning, Penny left her own bed only to over take Lucy’s! This is them both asking me to leave the blankly before going to work …

Penny really really doesn’t want me to take the blanky …

This is some cute cuddles!  My floor looks crazy though! Wouldn’t change that cement floor for nothing, it’s so durable (obviously =p).

The previous picture was cuddles and this one is kisses!  Wanted to get a close up of their noses touching, it was hard to move quietly around them! Would have been so sad if I’d woken them before the picture!

Sleepy time kisses!

I just checked and it turns out this is post #103!!! Wow! I’m seriously going to do a special #100+ Post … just as soon as I can think of something to make!

Happy New Year !!! ~~ =)


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