Star Wars Candy!

Well, look at me taking a little holiday from posting =p Not that I’ve really done anything post worthy the past two weeks! Wrapped up Christmas/New Years and jumped back into work and Grad school! I have to go to class three nights this quarter … Booooo!


Got some neat Star Wars candy molds right before Christmas! They were a gift to me from Santa (me). The large R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcons were much bigger than I thought they were going to be!  Makes for a good sized bite of candy!


Something different from normal, I put some peanut butter chips and some pecan pieces in the molds before adding the melted chocolate …


It’s so hard to not lick the spatula when I’m done making these! That melted chocolate is soooooo yummy!


After freezing, I was able to pop them out of the molds pretty easily. The most difficult ones were the Darth Vader helmets. They stuck in there for a bit but I won =p


Just natural light in this photo, I think it looks pretty =)

And, in honor of making some Star Wars candy, I’m adding a picture of a Death Star cake I made for my husband’s birthday 4 years ago =)


I didn’t know much about cake shaping then, my frosting got a bit too warm while frosting, I didn’t own any cake piping/icing tips … I did use a sheet of sugar paper to get the words and I did carve out a little hole in the “Death Star” for realism =p lol

Seeing these two cakes makes me want to try again and see how they would turn out now! We’ll see if I have time for that! =)


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