New Year, New Home Upgrades ~

Usually we get a little extra paid time off during the holiday/new year season (and by “we” I mean my husband). This year I actually got a few extra days off too (perk of switching careers). So, to make sure I wasn’t too idle … I got some things done around the house!

No need to post pictures of the deep cleaning/dusting and also no picture of the furniture that got rearranged (thanks to having a working gas heater now!), but I do have some pictures of my new China cabinet and newly caulked bath tub!

Maybe this isn’t as cool as my normal baking posts but it certainly is a life improving post =p

I’m not posting picture of the mold … It wasn’t pretty! It cropped up last spring and though I scrubbed I couldn’t get it off so … it spread!!! =(

It took about 5 hours to remove the existing caulking. I did this on New Year’s Eve by the way lol =)

You can see in the picture below what a “cleaned” area looks like and (further back) what an “Uncleaned” area looks like.

I think we only had to make 2 trips to Lowes for this project. That was nice. But I would have made 3 trips had a noticed the mistake in the picture below before 11pm!  See, two tubes of “White” and the tube on the right is “Clear”. Clear? That is not what I meant to buy! =( And, also, not the first time I’ve bought clear by mistake!

It’s not perfect, we’re not professionals of any kind! But, It looks pretty good when finished and, most importantly, it is way better than what we had going on before!

Also, this was made a bit more difficult because our house is nearly 100 years young. This means the walls, if they ever were, are not straight and plumb! So, there are larger than normal gaps between the tup and the walls to compensate for it.

We did remove a little bit of the excess that got on the tub and on the tile. Next on the Bathroom “To Do” List is to deep clean everything! But, I really don’t want to! lol

Upgrade #2: China Cabinet!

On this past Thanksgiving, I mentioned to my Grandpa that I wanted a China Cabinet. Usually I mention I want something and then, as soon as is feasible, it appears. I’m joking but it does happen! Perks of being an only child/grandchild! =)

Here is what I was dealing with … though really it’s my own fault! When we bought the house I immediately tore down a set of upper cabinets but they were crooked and I couldn’t take it!

So, as a substitute for not having enough cabinet space, I used this cabinet from Ikea for like … 5 years now? Wow …

Please don’t mind the floors, I only clean them in the morning like every other day and the dogs spend all of their time getting them dirty …

Grandpa delivered the china cabinet in two pieces on the back of his truck Christmas Eve morning around 8am … Grandpa is an early riser … It took my Husband, Dad, and Grandpa to get it off the back of the truck. I stayed out of the way!

It took 3 trips to Lowes to get what we needed to stack the two pieces … One trip by myself, one trip with my Dad, and the last trip with my Husband .. I don’t know what the people at Lowes were thinking of me! =)

Once the cabinet was stacked and in place I spent about 4 hours reorganizing most of my kitchen. Now I have some extra space though and I even have a specific place for cookie cutters, and a specific place for chopsticks and Bento accessories!

I’ve been lazy about cooking/baking since the New Year … gotta get my s**t together though!


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