Birthday Cupcakes =) ~~

“These are not the fancy cupcakes you’re looking for. Move along.” *Waves hand casually*

No, really. These aren’t fancy, they’re homemade with all the good things that make them homemade like … Not looking store-made? Yeah!

Super easy ingredients, I decided not to add chocolate. I only made 9 cupcakes, but did a batch big enough for 12. I decided to make a smash cake basically but that didn’t end up panning out … ran out of time!


Generally when I make this I make a cake. And, once cooled, I wrap the cake in plastic so it stays moist. I didn’t do that for the cupcakes .. in fact I left them uncovered in the fridge overnight! But I was tired! I think they definitely lost some moistness as a result but they were still yummy!


The reason I made nine was because I have a cute little cupcake carrier that only holds 9 cupcakes! I didn’t want to break out a big out carrier since I knew these were going on a road trip!

I was hoping by having the big bowl in the picture you could see how small this little cake pan is. It’s about 3in in diameter =) I have three of them, they’re pretty cute! Bought them for a Valentines Cake I made for my husband a few years ago =)

Out of the oven, they look cute! I guess WordPress has a new “tiled” option? Pictures are a little small and it doesn’t seem like I can make them bigger =(


I made a super duper stiff batch of buttercream frosting! It was really delicious, I had just brushed my teeth before making this batch and went ahead and had some anyways! How could I pass up the yummy buttercream frosting!


Here they are after an hour and a half car ride and the addition of birthday candles! It was my Mom’s birthday this weekend, I’m sure she would prefer I not share her age, she thought the cupcakes were cute!

Not so sure what to do with this cake now … it’s still in the fridge!


I’ll try to think of something!! =)


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