Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats!

It was my Grandma’s Birthday last week and she loves these! I haven’t made them since last summer when she was recovering from knee surgery so I’m glad I had time to make them Friday morning before work!

These are the Trader Joe’s recipe for Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats. The recipe is on the back of their cereal box!  However, I didn’t buy that cereal this time so I’m doing it from memory!


I was happy I still have two more of those disposable tins I bought in December!  I’m going to end up using the last one today for another cookie cake. But here is number 2/3 being used!

When you first start mixing it together over heat, it looks a mess! But after a few minutes you get the second photo of it coming together as a nice creamy sugary soup!



Basically all that is left to do is to pour it on top of the cereal and mix! Super easy!


Though I contemplate mixing by hands I know it’s much too hot! I just used a spoon =)


Since I made it in the morning, It spent about 9 hours in the fridge before I was able to give it to my Grandma. She went ahead and had a slice right then!

Here is what it looks like cut open!


When they are cold the squares stay together quite nicely. But, if it gets to warm the squares don’t keep their shape at all!

Off to do some Sunday baking! I’m happy I have the time this weekend!


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