Another Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake ~

Made one of these back in October for my Grandpa’s 79th Birthday. This one if for my co-worker’s … Uh, she probably wouldn’t want me to share that … Birthday!


I never got to try the last one I made, I did get to try this one though and I will make changes next time! Definitely needs nuts!  I’ll also maybe double(?) the vanilla extract and I’ll use milk chocolate morsels along with the semi-sweet. Maybe a smidge more salt too.


I made this Sunday afternoon so I had a nice warm kitchen for the butter to soften in. Sometimes when I bake at night I have to let the butter soften in the living room because the kitchen is too cold!


I let the dough chill for about 2 hours before baking. By this time is was nearing 4 and the sun started to set .. took these photos as the sunlight was leaving my kitchen!


All ready for the oven up there! I didn’t bother to grease the pan with anything … I just let it bake like it was au naturale =p Didn’t have any problems cutting it out the next day!


I don’t know if I could have asked for a more consistently nice looking cookie cake … just a perfect brown color really. I was shocked .. I really didn’t think it would look this pretty!


I let the cake chill overnight … it doesn’t need to chill that long but … I just didn’t feel like frosting it until the next morning =)


I’m not exactly proud of the way it looks … I’ve definitely done better amateur piping than this! But, it’s the thought that counts … right? The thought was there! =)


I almost forgot to take a picture of this! I cut up a few slices for us to eat with lunch … I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of my slice before already sweeping the frosting off of the cake and into my mouth with my finger … I ate the frosting before I even sat down!

Even now, hours later I want to have another piece just so I can eat frosting … really there must be something wrong with me … lol

Seriously though, the inside of the cookie cake was lighter in color and chewy. Quite a nice texture and flavor. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make their own cookie cake! =)



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