Blueberry Muffins ~~

Over the holidays I signed up for the Betty Crocker Newsletter. It promised me great recipes and at the time I thought that meant cookbook-esque recipes … Turns out they meant pictures of their pre-packaged mixed cookies/cakes/brownies with the recipe from the box … I was seriously not impressed. I unsubscribed.

Therefore, I was hesitant to sign up for the King Arthur’s Flour Newsletter but, thankfully, have been pleasantly surprised by it! So here are their blueberry muffins =)


I used frozen blueberries for this because I don’t think fresh ones are in season? Or even if they are I don’t really care … I just bought the frozen ones =)  I did do a little bit of Google-ing to find out the best way to handle frozen berries and it turns out I just needed to rinse them a bunch!


But! Before all that, I mixed my sugar and butter together … by hand! I always grab out my stand mixer for this part but today thought I’d try it by hand. It wasn’t particularly difficult and the only difference was that it took longer. I also spent a bit of time whisking once I added in the wet ingredients to make sure I got out any left over lumps.


Here it is with just the sugar, eggs, and butter. See? A bit lumpy but not bad!


The recipe wanted me to smash up a bit of the blue berries and add those in first. I wish I had dried them beforehand. I tried not to get so much juice but still got some =(


After delicately mixing in the smashed ones, you can see some of the batter already turning a bit purple in the picture …


I just stopped mixing at that point! I made enough batter for 12 cupcakes … or so I thought!


Ended up making 6 more just with the tin cups on a cookie sheet. I have two cupcake tins but it was raining pretty hard on Sunday (when I made these) and I didn’t want to bring the other one in from storage!

I don’t think I took a picture of the sugar I poured on top before baking, bummer! This gave the tops a nice little crust, which can be seen below!



Out of the oven and looking oh so yummy!


See that shiny crust on top? All sugar!

I had never been a fan of blue berry muffins before these and now I know they are delicious! So glad to find more baked goods I really enjoy!


Here is the first one I ate broken open. I was so happy that the batter didn’t turn all blue while baking! Got a clump of blue berries in the corner but I guess that is the point of these muffins!

These were really fun to make and I hope the next berry baking project I have planned will turn out just as good!


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