Quick Bento ~

What is this, number 22? I dunno πŸ™‚

I was in the mood for rice this morning so I decided to make a quick and simple rice bento πŸ™‚

Both parts in the above picture and just the rice in the bottom picture. I recently signed up for notifications about National Holidays (ya know, the ones for jam and cookies and things) and apparently today is National Kite Day!

Well, I doubt I’ll have time to buy a kite (do they sell them at Target?) and then drive somewhere where I could fly it (the parks near me have lots of trees …) so instead I put a little kite-like square on my rice to emulate a kite =)

That’s all for today! I have a few thing I’d like to make this week but, as I’m oft to say, I’m busy =(

Looks like until this quarter is over I might go down to only two posts a week. Which is a bummer for me but hopefully next quarter (when I’ll only have to go two nights a week instead of 3) it will be a bit easier for me to post! =) I can always hope!


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