Candy Post ~

Been about a month or more since I had time to make any candy (basically when last quarter started). But I’ve been glancing at a bag of Trader Joe’s White Chocolate Chips in my baking drawer every time I opened it asking my self “When will the time come?”

Well, that time arrived this past Sunday! So, I got out my trusty molds and set to work!

I used my double boiler to first melt the White Chocolate and then to melt the Peanut Butter Chips. I decided to make Hearts, Teddy Bears, Robots, and Spoons.


I don’t freeze between chocolate layers anymore, I just let the first layer sit in the kitchen as I melt the second type of candy/chocolate stuff.

It would seem that I forgot to take a cute picture of the Teddy Bears! But, here are the robots! I like that they have happy faces .. makes my candy seem friendly!



The spoons were made for something special but I just wanted to mention the craziness regarding this Wilton Spoon Mold!

I saw that now infamous post in Pinterest on a Wednesday in December. The ones with the peppermint spoons that were dipped in chocolate and meant to be used to stir hot chocolate? The picture was quite nice and the inspiration was instant! Well, it was instant for the entire internet!

Screenshot 2016-02-16 15.12.33

I did a quick search to verify that the prices were as crazy as I remember and they were worse! The most I ever saw it for sale for was $199 on Amazon and naturally all of the stores near me that theoretically would have sold it were long sold out! I kept checking the price all through December and ended up purchasing the spoon mold for its original retail value of $7.99 in mid- January. The craziness! I super  hope no one ended up paying more than $20 during that madness!


I don’t think I’ll buy the Trader Joe’s white chocolate chips again … They probably taste fine but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Looking forward to a weekend of landscaping and homework. Love the mid-quarter crunch! Will post more, as always, when I can!



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