The Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies That Went Wrong

Sometimes when you plan out something you want to bake you have a pretty picture in your mind of what the outlook will be. You imagine how it will taste and what people will say when they also see them and taste them.    Usually my thoughts are all positive. “These look great!” I imagine my Husband and Dad (the two people who eat the most of my baking, my Husband’s faceless co-workers don’t really count) and this time started no different … but, the end result just didn’t make me happy …


I started out with a basic cookie recipe, one I’ve used before. And the only really difference was the addition of the red food coloring. As it was Valentine’s Day this past weekend, I wanted my cookies to be a  bit festive!


Once I had the cookie dough where I wanted it in the stand mixer, I added a big teaspoon of red gel food coloring. I was happy with the Strawberry-ish color that resulted from this. I should mention I added about twice the normal amount of Vanilla Extract because even though the red food coloring says “no-flavor” I always think I taste something strange …


Once it was nice and mixed together (did scrape down the sides and the bottom of the bowl twice before that point), I divided the dough into three sections. The first section was enough for 4 cookies and I have a plan for those later this week!  The rest was divided in half. One side for White Chocolate Chips and the other for Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.


First was the semi-sweet chocolate chips (above), then the white chocolate chips (below).


I thought the chips and dough looked quite nice together before mixing. I was hoping that mine would ultimately look like the cute pictures I saw circulating on Pinterest .. alas, that was not to be so …



I mixed in the chips by hand since using the mixer can be problematic for cookies at this point.

After mixing the dough together, I plopped the bowls into the fridge for … well, it turned out to be 6 hours, but that was really rather long … lol

Then I did something I don’t normally do, I actually rolled the dough into little balls before baking … but, I think this is one of the two things that made the cookies turn out less than desirable in appearance …


See how cute they looked? I was a little sad that I forgot to reserve some of the chips to be added on top of the cookies later. I didn’t know that that was one way to get the perfect looking chocolate chips on top of your cookies, just add them after they’ve baked! So simple!


When I put in the semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies, I noticed a big problem … my white chocolate chip cookies were spreading out … way out!

I guess, when you roll the dough into little balls you need to refrigerate the dough again before going in the oven! That makes sense really, I heated up the dough and it would need to be chilled again. Another problem is that I once again tried to bake on 375 degree oven! This never works! There are many things my oven is but being able to bake anything properly at 375 is not one of them! Lastly, my baking soda maybe expired. I know I recently bough some baking powder (December) but I don’t think I’ve bough new baking soda in about a year.

The ultimate results … awe, man … I don’t really even want to post it! But, this is important! Not everything will turn out well and I don’t need to limit myself to only sharing the good ones … I’d rather be honest about my abilities than skip over these entirely! Everything is a chance to learn, right? Ugh … =(


There is no way the cookies could have been flatter … really they were hardly 1/4 inch thick.


I’ve only had the white chocolate chips ones but they were very good, ate two yesterday and 1 this morning with my breakfast … I like to eat like a champion =p


But, really this particular baking endeavor did not turn out how I wanted … such is life!




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