4 Months On: An Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Sport Edition
Rose Gold

That little skin-circle is what happens when the watch gets stuck for a while ...

That little skin-circle is what happens when the watch gets stuck for a while …

I posted last Summer about winning an Iphone 6 from a World of Warcraft Screen Shot Competition. They were super nice to me and even got me a Gold one!  Since I was using a Silver one at the time, I decided to keep the Gold one (I had had one originally but fell down some stairs and broke it) and I gave the Silver to my Dad under the condition he buy me an Apple Watch (I’m a little shrewd =( ). My Dad was using an Iphone 4s at the time.

So, in November of last year I got an Apple Watch! … yay?


All laid out with different band and a plastic case around the watch face.

Now, I own a fair few watches (about 20+) from my time working in retail and most specifically my time working in the jewelry department first as an employee and later as a supervisor. So, thankfully, I already had a habit of wearing a watch everyday! And, big watches at that!

The back size!

The back side!

Before deciding on the 42mm, a size that matched the diameter of my biggest watch, my Husband and I made a trip to the closest Apple Store to try it on. The closest Apple store is like 40 minutes away… longer in traffic =( The Watch was big, like I expected.

I’m hoping having a ruler in the picture helps to see what the size is. I wouldn’t want a smaller screen that’s for sure!


When you buy the 42mm Rose Gold Apple Watch Sport it comes with a Stone colored band. The band comes with a S/M and a M/L strap so you can wear the size that is best for you! I didn’t notice this until my Husband got his own watch more than a month later (he properly looked through the box).  So, I worse the size M/L strap on the smallest setting pushed up on my arm until then!

This year I started to buy accessories from Amazon for my watch. The official Apple Watch bands, while nice, are just too expensive … so, I bought the knock-off versions =P Also, I got a little Apple Watch + Iphone stand for Christmas that I use to charge. Makes remembering to put it on in the morning super easy to remember since it’s right next to my phone!


In pieces. my precious!

Double Loop Band

Interchangeable Watch Cases

Blue Band

Purple Band

I will say that I’ve loved the blue and purple bands, and have enjoyed switching out the watch cases! But, the Double Loop band is just a bit too big for my wrist so the watch doesn’t stay snuggly against my skin … which means it doesn’t record my activity!

Speaking of activity .. when I got the Apple Watch and it told me to “Stand Up!” at the end of every hour if I hadn’t walked much the past 50 minutes, I stood up. No big deal. Periodically throughout the day it would send my activity updates about my calories and workout times. I considered this neat.


How it looks when you haven’t met any goals …

However, when my husband got an Apple Watch. These things I thought were neat, became a bit more important! He was using the Apple Watch as a way to be more active! Now, that’s not fair! I want to be active too …. so, I started meeting my goals too …


Now, I’m at 49 days of meeting my activity and calorie burning goals (and it increases your calories needed almost every week!). I run 2+ miles on the treadmill except on days when I go to Kick Boxing or Spin class (Also starting Yoga today!). I’ve seriously up’ed my activity level and I love it (seriously helps to go to a university with a kick-ass gym and to have a 24hour Fitness membership)! I like being more active and I see now how, as a friend of mine put it, “The Gamification” of working-out has helped me!

Another neat thing about the Apple Watch is communicating with other Apple Watches through tapping!  I do this to my husband throughout the day sending him drawings and my heart beat! I tried to take a screen cap of this but I just don’t have enough fingers for this to be possible!

But, I’d say the thing I really love the most about the watch is how inconspicuous it is when I get text messages now! There isn’t a phone on my desk or in my pocket beeping or vibrating .. instead I get a tap on my wrist and I know to check my phone! Makes it more casual rather than invasive. I also don’t miss the ringing/beeping noises! When I get calls now, my watch just vibrates like crazy (as long as I’m within Wi-Fi range of my phone). And, since I’m wearing the watch all day every day and I don’t carry my phone … I haven’t missed any calls!


Taken around 11am, I put my watch on around 7:30am.

On a normal day the watch will get down to around 25% battery life. This is with me just reading text messages, tracking work outs, and sending tapped notes to my Husband (about 14hours of wear on average). Doing a lot of activity or using the watch for games depletes the battery much faster.

I was happy to have had this watch to wear during the half-marathon we ran last year but the watch was dead by the time we walked to the car to head home (about 7 hours of wear with intense fitness tracking).

It’s a fun toy to have but it does still feel more like a toy than a necessity. Great to have if you can afford it but, really, without someone else to tap messages (or drawings) to .. I don’t think it would be as much fun =)

This post was a bit different than what I usually publish but it’s a bit hard to find non-biased posts about what its like to own an Apple Watch (most things are published on websites that have some sort of pro or against opinion towards Apple products, I’m mostly just a food blogger lol).



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