International Pancake Day Was … Yesterday! =)

Some weeks are harder than others. There could be more to deal with at work, a class that gives an extra homework assignment, a family member gets sick, your car breaks down, you favorite pet throws up on your brand new pillow … I can keep thinking of more examples but I’m probably getting my point across…

Anyways, when you’re in one of those hard weeks (or have been for a few weeks in a row), it’s nice to have a pancake breakfast! It would have been nicer had a pancake fairy showed up, cooked the pancakes, and then washed the dishes … but, I guess we’re not that lucky in life =)


I used a super basic recipe. This was actually my first time making pancakes from scratch. I used to make pancakes and waffles all of the time a few years ago (though always from a box) and somehow fell out of the habit.



I used a bit more than 1 and a half cups of milk. Pretty necessary to take what is basically the beginnings of pasta dough (minus the baking powder I think) and turn it into pancakes!


Whisked as much as I could to get out the lumps but really I’ve never minded the flour lumps in my pancakes =)


I got a super awesome “Green” type pan for Christmas from my parents that is so easy to fry things in! I probably did not even need to add the butter but … I think a lot of the pancake flavor comes from the butter it is fried in!


The first pancake was a little small. Only a bout 3.5 inches and a bit oval (though shape doesn’t matter so much when you’re cooking for yourself).


I let it cook until I could see the air bubbles crawling up the sides of the pancake. Then at least I knew the bottom was done!


Or, I guess it’s called the top? The butter in the pan was really starting to burn at this point so the pancake got a nice browned butter crust =)


I think I had it in there for between 3-4 minutes. I cook things on super high heat so when I pulled it off the pan kept burning the butter.


I wiped out some of the burnt butter before adding some more which then promptly burnt too! Then I put in my next pancake for cooking!


Again, I waited for the bubbles to crawl up the sides before flipping! I really wanted to eat the finished pancake while this one cooked but it’s more fun to eat two pancakes at a time than one so I waited.


This pancake puffed up a lot! It was thick and yummy when I ate it! You’d think that black part wouldn’t taste good but I thought it was yummy!


Breakfast is served! Two pancakes, butter, pancake syrup, and a good book! =) (I should have been reviewing for my next final exam, I have to take one on a Saturday this quarter, what???).

I probably made enough batter for 8 or more pancakes so I put the leftover in the fridge. Not sure when I’ll use it up (I didn’t even have the time to do this!) but I’ll try to not let it go to waste.

I’m so excited to be done with this quarter soon. This quarter has been so rough! Going three nights a week after work was hard! Next quarter will be back to two nights a week which is much more tolerable!

Once I’m on Spring Break I hope I have time to play around with the recipes in this new book I got!


I’m so sad I can’t find more episodes of the Great British Baking Show! It’s awesome!

P.S. A picture of them smushed open with my fork (you can see the one on the left is a bit fluffier) =)



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