February Puppy Pics!

I know, I know it’s March 10th. I know!  But, I didn’t have time to post them sooner! I shouldn’t be taking time to post them now but I’m avoiding studying and working on a big project … got to avoid it with something!


We had some cold days last month where cuddling under a blankey was the way to go! Penny is in the background sleeping in Lucy’s bed =)


Chilling in the yard with the remains of a dog toy. Penny giving me a winning smile!


Lucy doing her best to break a stick (more scattered toy remains and my shadow!).


Trying to prep the backyard for some paver stones and Penny helped by flattening the dirt with her body =)


They are asking me if we’re going for a walk … the answer was probably no =(

I already have some cute ones from March! I’ll try to share them at the end of the month rather than some random time in April! =)


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