Saturday’s Pizza Rolls ~

Super easy Saturday Afternoon Pizza Rolls =) I always see these pictures with crazy titles like “Look at what we made with Crescent Rolls???!!!???” So, I made something pretty normal with my can of crescent rolls =)


Pizza sauce, vege-pepperoni, crescent rolls, and string cheese!


Roll out the dough, add some sauce, place a pepperoni ..


then add some cheese! We use String and a bit of Muenster (my husband was thinking more cheese is better than less).


Then roll them up like normal, this part was a bit messy.


I baked them for about 15 minutes at 425 … they were cooked all the way through which is what I wanted more than anything.

Had a bit of cheese spill out and in general they didn’t really have a strong flavor … need to add some additional seasonings next time for sure!


I liked them though, not sure I’ll make them again … =) It was fun to make these though and made for a good Saturday lunch =)


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