Book Reviews + Bonus Tolkien Book Pics =)

Since I haven’t had a chance to do any cooking or baking for the better part of two weeks … I don’t have too much to post! I have been spending a bit more time than normal reading. I basically didn’t read at all this past January or February so I have a lot of things to catch up on! Not really, the books will always be there … but I like to read a certain amount and I was behind! =)

6 Books, 3 Novellas … all in the past 4 weeks! Summary list below!

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Cyborg Series #2)
By: MaryJanice Davidson
I read book #1 in this series awhile back, not sure how long ago, and thought it was okay. I’ve read quite a few books by MaryJanice Davidson and have enjoyed most of them thoroughly! Though, I read this one through in about 3 days, I didn’t find it to be as exciting(?) as I’d hoped. The question mark represents what I wanted to get from the book: exciting cyborg romance … except the cyborgs weren’t really in this story so much … I dunno, pretty cute story just not what I expected!

Blood Kiss: Black Dagger Legacy
J.R. Ward
This is a full length novel that takes place in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood but isn’t tied directly too much to the main characters (as they were more supporting cast members in this story). However, I had been looking forward to reading this one since I actually liked the little teaser the author had about the two main characters in a previous book (one from the main series). The book was great! If you read J.R. Ward, this is good addition to your library!

Runaway Vampire (Argeneau Vampire Series #23)
Lynsay Sands
Wow, #23 huh? I’ve read 22 other stories in this stories before this? Amazing … this author is on her stuff when it comes to publishing these! Cool! I like reading them! Though this one followed the normal story line (which I’m not tired of) of an Immortal and a Mortal falling in love … it didn’t actually finish the story as the main event of the book wasn’t resolved by the end. This isn’t unusual in this series. Since the author regularly publishes (twice a year I think), the next book will likely pick up where this one left off!

The Player
J.R. Ward
I’m not really sure where the title of this novel came from … the main male character isn’t really a player … *shrug* Also, I’m pretty sure that this book was published under Jessica Bird (same person tho …). Anyways, I liked it but … the main characters had too many non-starter moments to be really happy for them when they finally figured out how to be in a relationship.

Franz Kafka
After I finished that last book, I asked my husband what he thought I should read next! He said a classic .. I said “huh” .. then he said read something by Kafka … so, I read Metamorphosis. It was crazy!  I just felt bad for all of the characters in it. I’m so glad it was a novella because if it had been a full length novel I don’t think I could have finished it. The beginning had me super interested so I wanted to finish it but, as always, I wanted a happy-ish ending and this for sure did not have one!

The Story of Son: A Dark Vampire Romance
J.R. Ward
Another Novella … so weird too since I usually steer super clear of novellas … they are just so short! I really liked this one though … So, two of the three books I read this month by this author were really good and the other was just good. J.R. Ward is always something I like to read so I’m glad I got this novella even though I wouldn’t have minded more story with these two characters … I guess, since they’ve been introduced, they might be in more stories later! I’d like that =)

Falling Into Bed with a Duke
Lorraine Heath
I guess it’s okay to read books that are romance related but aren’t paranormal … I mean, people do that all the time right? Well, this was a period piece romance book with a super strong willed female character who didn’t had a lot of luck with meeting men … ie: most of the men sucked. Anyways, as with all the other romance novels, happiness is on its way with only one or two set backs? So, really the story progressed quickly =) Cute book, I might pick up more by this author in the future.

Dancers in the Dark
Charlaine Harris
I actually pre-ordered this one back in October and then forgot about it because if you pre-order books on your Nook … ya know, they never download. I had to log onto the Nook app on my cell phone, archive the book, then go onto my Nook device and un-archive it so that it would download … why in the heck Barnes and Nobel wouldn’t fix this is beyond me … it’s like they don’t really want my money … Anyways, the book was good. It was another Novella which is really baffling to me! It takes place in Harris’ Vampire Universe which I’ve always enjoyed since I first pick-up a Sookie Stackhouse novel … 10ish years ago? Wow … Cute story but so short! I really don’t like Novellas …

First Grave on the Right
Darynda Jones
This was one sassy main character! She didn’t like to listen, always had a sarcastic comment, and was generally super fun to read! I’m definitely going to be picking up book two in this series super soon and then (hopefully) I can move on to the author’s other stores. I really like this one, so happy to have read it!

img_5007 img_5005









National Tolkien Day
I found out yesterday that it was National Tolkien Day … meaning a day to encourage you to read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings (or for the daring read The Silmarillion). I absolutely love The Lord of the Rings movies and watch the extended editions regularly! I’m including a quick pick of my LotR books .. I haven’t’ actually read these (as I read them back in Jr High/High School and therefore just read my Dad’s copies) but they look lovely sitting on a shelf behind our Lord of the Rings pinball machine … I really have one, it was expensive.









My next book review will have some pictures from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (The Illustrated Edition!!!). Now, off to read The Design of Everyday Things, I’m looking forward to it!



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